Why Do Golf Carts Use 6 Volt Batteries

Why Do Golf Carts Use 6 Volt Batteries: Battery for long lasting

Why Do Golf Carts Use 6 Volt Batteries?

Cart is the most usual thing that I can see in golf playing ground. In fact, the ground for golf is a really big place. Therefore, the players have to take a ride to move. You know what; this cart usually takes power from the installed batteries. Here, the power-providing batteries are the foremost concern for us. In fact, people, what is the most suitable power flow of the battery?

However, I am here to present that answer in logic and information. Above all, my total segment of this article will follow the usability of 6-volt batteries. In the upcoming section, required facts will come along with an elaborated discussion.  

At first, I must note that a cart can operate with eight or 12-volt batteries instead of 6-volt batteries. Now, the question comes why the 6-volt batteries are most compact. Like other battery modules, this powerhouse also contains lead-acid and deep-cycle for generating usable power.  Here, the major concern of the authority often drives to save money.

In this case, I can show you the entire image clearly. A normal golf cart usually runs through 48 volts of batteries. Therefore, the less the volt is, the more cells are in the battery pack. Suppose a cart contains 6-volt batteries. It means the cart has to collect eight batteries in this range. Besides, 8-volt batteries will come with six cells.

On the other hand, you have to set four cells if you arrange 12-volt batteries. Here, the number of cells may be less, but it does not boost the capacity. You know what; the 6-volt batteries contain the highest capacity among all kinds of batteries. Actually, eight cells of 6-volt batteries may have 40 minutes of runtime.

However, you cannot expect and will not get that much run time in other batteries. It is because; the higher volts deliver little runtime. In this perspective, the performance of the 6-volt batteries is better. Besides, you cannot ignore the replacement cost of a battery. Actually, this is a really crucial part of power sourcing.

In the case of higher batteries, the replacement cost is high. Contrariwise, 6-volt batteries come in a smaller structure, and it does not cost a high price.  Besides, the depths of discharge of these batteries are really lower. For this reason, it can increase the cycles of discharging. Thus, it will run for long hours and provide power to the cart.

Moreover, I can justify the usability of 6-volt batteries by amazing the upfront cost of it. Here, this cost of lower voltage batteries is certainly reasonable. For this reason, it ensures a greater return on your investment in the cart’s batteries. Plus, the configuration cost comes at affordable by installing 6-volt batteries in the golf cart.

In the end, I must state that batteries should come by justifying their service and cost. Here, the golf cart must have the proper power source to run. That is why, considering performance, cost, and capacity, we find the reasons for installing 6-volt batteries. Certainly, this battery will be fantastic in comparison with the other two power modules.

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