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When is High School Golf Season: An Article for Teenage Golfers

High school golf is incredibly important because that is where future golf stars are natured. High school golf is where many people develop their passion for golf.

The primary purpose of high school golf is to give high school students a chance to play golf by providing all the necessary resources, support, and platform that they rightly deserve. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the high school golf season, including when is high school golf season starts.

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When is the high school golf season?

High school golf season is in 49 out of the 50 states, and it takes place during the spring or fall season.Fourteen states run their boy’s high school golf season in fall.

They include Colorado, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maine, Kentucky, and Maryland.
Twenty-eight states run their boys golf season in spring. They include Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Oregon Oklahoma, North Dakota, North Carolina, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Hawaii, Idaho, Delaware, and California.

Seven states run their high school golf season in fall and spring. They include Wyoming, Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, Arizona, Iowa, and Montana.Twenty-four states run their girl’s high school golf season in fall. They include Arizona, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Virginia, Vermont, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina Nevada, Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Maine, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, California, and Arkansas.Twenty-two states run their girl’s high school golf season in spring. They include Washington, Utah, Taxes, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Oregon, Oklahoma, New York, New Mexico, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Louisiana, Iowa, Idaho, Hawaii, Georgia, Connecticut, Delaware, Alabama, and Colorado.Three states run their high school golf season during fall and spring. They include North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

Why is high school golf season not consistent across the board?

The answer to this question is quite complicated, but the main reasons why high school golf is not consistent accords the board is because of:

•Balance of boys and girls during a particular season•Participation levels•Weather

For example, in the state of Michigan, the boy’s high school golf season used to happen during fall. However, after 2008, season, the boy’s high golf season was moved to the spring. Title IX mainly influenced the reason for the change.Title IX was put in place to create equal opportunity for students playing sports regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or color. This was an important factor that led to switching boys’ high school golf season from fall to the spring.

Two Michigan families whose daughters played volleyball for their school team went to court protesting the girls’ volleyball season in winter.

The family argued that the volleyball season was scheduled during the non-traditional seasons, thus giving the participants an unfair advantage.

The court ruled in favor of the family and changed the high school sports calendar in Michigan form fall to spring months.

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How long does it take to play a round of golf?

On average, a round of golf takes about four hours for a group of four golfers. A single golfer will complete a round of golf in about 2/1/2 hours. Key factors that determine how to it takes to play a round of golf include:How busy the golf course is- If there are more people on the golf course, it will take you and your fellow golfers more time to complete.The number of golfer in your group- a group that consists of three golfers will complete faster than a group comprising five golfers when all other things remain constant.Golfer’s skill level- the skill level of the golfers also determines how long it will take to play a round of golf. Generally, more experienced golfers take a shorter period to complete a round of golf than amateurs.

How many high school golfers go on to play that college level?

Studies show that less than 7% of high school golfers go on to play at the college level. Many high school golfers play to learn and enjoy the game.In conclusion, if you have been wondering when high school golf season starts, then today you have the answer. The season takes place during the spring or fall season in all states. 

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