How to Wear Golf Gloves

How To Wear Golf Gloves- Experts Guidelines For Golfers


If you are playing golf, it is essential to know how to wear golf gloves properly.

To most of the amateur and professional golfers, a glove is an integral part of the game, and most wouldn’t be without one. After all, it is your only point of contact with the club.

Golf gloves have designed to give the golfers better control of their clubs without having to choke the grip to death. They also provide a level of comfort and protection to the golfers’ hands by reducing the friction that occurs between sides or between the rubber grip and the golfers’ skin.

If you find the best golf glove for you, you too will be able to see the difference in your feel, your confidence, and, ultimately, your scores on the golf course.

To find out your best golf glove, you should know some facts about how to select and use the golfers’ gloves. Such –

In Which Hand You Should Wear a Golf Glove On?

In short, the golfers’ gloves should always be worn on the lead hand. The lead hand means that it is the highest on the golf grip when holding the club. Because the lead hand has the most contact with the club, and it is the most integral regarding the grip of the golf club.

If you are a right-handed golfer, you should wear your golf glove on your left hand, and if you are a golfer of left-handed, then the golf glove should be worn on your right hand.

Why Should You Wear A Golf Glove?

According to Frank Thomas, The Chief technical advisor to, wearing a golfer’s glove is a significant one that you should not have any question about it.

The main reason that you should wear a golf glove is to help to improve your overall grip on the club. As a golf glove is vulgar than your skin, it means that there is less chance that the club will fly out of your hands during your swing while you are playing.

Another reason is to help to prevent blisters or adjusts from forming, which can be caused by gripping the club very tightly.

Gripping the club very tightly will add tension to your hands and arms, this is not a good thing for your golf swing. Wearing a golf glove will help to solve this problem.

Why Not Wear Golf Gloves Both Hands?

You will find that there are some occasions (mostly weather-related) that call for the use of golf gloves both hands. During the wet conditions, you may choose to wear rain gloves to help to enhance your grip.

When the temperature drops, you may want to wear winter golf gloves to keep your hands warm, ensuring that you don’t lose the feeling in them.

Some golfers don’t like to wear on golf gloves both hands while playing, but still, they want to keep their hands warm between the shots.

There is generally always one golf glove size that can get slipped on and off quickly. Some professional golfers choose to wear on golf gloves both hands at all times, but this is very rare.

Before selecting your best golf glove, you should consider the following things;

Checking the Golf Glove Fitting

Finding the perfect golf glove size that fits your hand is one of the most important tasks you have when purchasing your golf glove. Many golfers’ gloves have a Velcro strap that closes over the back of your hand.

You should check here that the Velcro flap will fit squarely on its intended target without the need to be stretched very far or overlapped very much. Also, you make sure that the glove’s fingers aren’t too baggy or loose.

Once you find the perfect glove size that feels comfortable across your hand and around your fingers, think that you’ve found the right fit.

There are golfers gloves made for men, women, and junior golfers, and within these categories are of various glove sizes. It is not a very important matter, how large or small your hands are; you will find a glove that will fit your hand perfectly—not too tight and not too baggy. Try on every golf glove size; thus, you can see which one is right for you.


Correct Hand:

The first thing to make sure when buying a golf glove is that you’re getting a glove for the proper hand. That is right-handed golfers should buy a glove for their left hand, and left-handed should buy a glove for their right hand.

Invest regularly:

Depends on how often you play or practice, your golf gloves will get fade with time. Sweating, friction, and the storage process are all that will contribute to the lifespan of a glove.

When you will find that your glove starts showing some severe wear and tear, remember, it is time to change your golf glove.

Some Important Key Features of Best Golf Gloves You Should Check before you buy one:

Different brands in the market make golf gloves.

Some features that you’ll have to consider:

  • Comfort: This is an essential feature of a golf glove. If your glove isn’t comfortable on your hand, change it.
  • Material: Materials are essential in making anything. Some gloves are made of leather, some gloves are made of synthetic materials, and some gloves are knitted. Depending on your tastes, preferences, and your town’s weather conditions, choose a material that works best for you. 
  • Ventilation: Your hand will sweat a lot while you are playing, especially when you are wearing a golf glove. So, avoid buying a glove with little or no ventilation designed into it.
  • Style: Although style doesn’t have a direct influence on your performance on the course, looking good will boost your confidence even if you’re not playing particularly well. So don’t buy a glove that you think will not suit your style.
  • Price: Although golf gloves are relatively inexpensive in the world of golf equipment, there is an extensive range when it comes to pricing. Stay within your budget.

How to Take Care of Your Golf Glove:

1. After wearing your golf glove for a golf round, let it air out for a while to dry off.2. If you are on the golf course, try to remove your glove between shots to keep it dry.3. It is never a bad idea to carry two or more gloves and change them as the round goes on.4. When storing your golf glove, if you keep it in a plastic zip-lock bag, it will keep better and last longer.

Final Verdict:

When it times to choose the best golf glove, there are a lot of things to think about the matter. Most importantly, you should check the golf glove fitting; that is, it is the perfect glove size for your hand.

There are available in S-XL sizes, but you can also get one that is shorter in the fingers and wider in the palm areas. These are called cadet sized gloves.

You should ensure a snug fit, one that is not so tight that it restricts the range of motion in your hand. Then be sure that you will try all golf gloves of different materials, of various sizes, and different brands to ensure you are getting the best golf glove for you.

As mentioned above, the materials will make a big difference in performance, fit, and how long the golf glove will last. So, check the elements of the golf glove that you are going to buy.

Finally, you make sure that you are getting the best golf glove that will be functional, comfortable, and will perform well when you need the golf glove.


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