how to pick up a golf ball with your putter

How To Pick Up A Golf Ball With Your Putter: A Definite Guideline

Are you worried about how to pick up a golf ball with your putter? Don’t worry; we are here to show how easily you can do it.

Just stop making dirty your cute khaki golf pants by bending down near the trees to reach your lost golf ball. So, no need more stepping in the water to find out your dropped golf ball. 

The days have gone of fishing for your golf balls out of the water that you just hit in! The Ball Retriever is the best golf ball pick up tool for Putter that for any penalty shot lands you anywhere but where you want to be! In this article, we will discuss how to pick up a golf ball with your Putter.

Various types of Ball- Retriever for Putter:

Golf ball pickup devices for Putter come in different styles, but each type mounts to the end of the grip on a putter. It is the best golf ball pick up tool for Putter.

It is better to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to attach the best golf ball pick up tool for Putter. Some styles of golf ball pickup devices press on, while others attach by sticking a long spike into the tiny hole at the end of your Putter.

Others require a little more effort. Many pick up connects by pressing them into place, but some screw to the Putter.

The usefulness of Ball- Retriever:

These devices are beneficial to the golfers who suffer back pain or who are otherwise unable to bend down to retrieve their lost golf ball. With a golf ball picker-upper, retrieving the ball from the hole or the green is very easy as poking it with the device attached to your Putter.


How to Use Golf Ball- Retriever or Putter:

The Ball- Retriever is a great, simple device to use that allows you to retrieve your ball from hard to reach places. The golf ball retriever helps to trap and to secure the lost golf ball.

The lightweight design makes the retriever easy to carry and to execute. The telescoping pole extends 15 feet to ensure you can reach your ball in almost any situation.

It is effortless to use. You just have to put the cup that has in the golf ball retriever over the ball then to press down and to twist it. The golf ball retriever has a twist lock. 

You have to pull the shaft out, turn it to lock in place. The plastic covers where the shaft fits into the handle covers the beam (like it’s supposed to do) and makes it sometimes hard to unlock.

If you slide that cover-up, then you have a half-inch or so of metal sticking out of the handle to grip to open the shaft. 

How a Putter does its work:

The discrete golf ball picks up retriever enables you to retrieve your golf ball without bending over. The Putter makes a great golf gift for golfers of any age.

Opening for use requires a single thumb motion, and it closes just as easy. When not in use, the ball picks up looks and feels like a natural extension of the golf putter’s shaft.

The patented design allows golfers to retrieve the golf ball quickly and securely out of the cup without bending over, and it does pick up the ball nicely. 

You should keep in mind; that pickup is being done by inverting your Putter and sticking the butt of the grip into the hole. So there are some skills involved.

A long putter (48″) can be tricky guiding the grip and pick up into the hole, onto the ball, and plucking the ball out.

Essential Features of a good Putter and how they work:

Putters come in various shapes, sizes, weights, lengths, and lie angles. All of these factors will affect your putting stroke.

So before you buy, consider these factors.


1. Length:

Length is maybe the essential component to a golf ball pick up Putter. What you want to do is to get into the correct position.

When you tilt from your hips, you should keep your eyes over the golf ball, hands under your shoulders, elbows will be bent but touching your rib cage, and hips over your heels. 

The golf ball putter needs to fit this set-up. If you grip a “standard” length of Putter and find you’re clutching down the shaft, you will need a shorter putter.

If you grasp beyond the end of the Putter, you will need a longer putter. Now with the correct length of Putter in your hands, the shaft would be in line with your forearms. Most of the golfers play with too long of a putter, that is not helpful. 

2. Weight:

The Putter has built to be in a specific swing weight at a certain length. Cutting it down will not be the solution; instead, it will make the swing weight go down, and you will feel it too lightly in your hands.

So you should buy a putter that has the right weight. A 35″ Putter usually has ahead of 330 grams weight. If you need a 34″ putter, you will need to look at 350- to 360-gram head weight.

If you need a putter even shorter of 32″ to 33,” then you will look for a 370 to 380 gram of head weight.


3. Balance Point:

There are two types of putter heads in the market. One is called a balanced face, and another is called a balanced toe putter head.

If you set the shaft into your hand with the shaft that is level to the ground and the front is facing the sky, then you have a balanced face Putter. If the toe is hanging towards the ground, then you have a balanced-toe putter. 

If you want a square-to-square stroke (that means the face of the Putter is always at a square to the target point, and the stroke is straight back), you will be benefited from a balanced-face putter.

If you want to have an arc stroke (that means the face of the Putter will open and closed relative to the target point, and the stroke travels on a slight curve), then you will be benefited from a balanced-toe putter.


4. Head Design:

The heads of the Putter come in various shapes and sizes, but it depends on you that you will prefer a mallet-head or a blade-head, and you can prefer a sightline or none. 

If you like a square putting style with a balanced-face putter, you may get benefit from a mallet-head with sightline. If you are an arc putter, you will be benefited from a blade-head putter with no sightline.


5. Long Putters and Belly Putters:

You may get help with a belly putter or a long Putter if you have “agitation,” sometimes called the yaps.

It will solve this problem because the Putter is anchored to your stomach or chest, and this will control the Putter during the stroke. Regarding all putters, proper length and weight are vital.

You will want to have the same set-up in finding the correct length for a putter and then add the inches it will be needed to touch your stomach or chest. 

The type of stroke you will use for a belly putter will be an arc because the Putter will move around your body. For the long Putter, it will be closer to a square-to-square, putting path as the shaft will be more upright.

It is essential to consult a PGA Professional when choosing a putter. Because by using a “fitting through instruction” philosophy, and he has the tools and expertise to help you to get the right equipment to make the best stroke possible.

There is only one criterion to determine if a putter is right for you. It is not the look, price, manufacturer, or who on Tour plays with it.

The only criterion is; Does it help you to make more putts? If the answer is yes, then definitely you have found the right Putter for you.

Final Verdict:

Picking up a golf ball with Putter is helpful. This article will help you a lot to know about how to pick up a golf ball with your Putter. A putter will help you to find out your golf balls from anywhere, even from underwater and mud too. 

Thus you can save all your golf balls. There are available golf putters in the market. Before you buy your putter notice, the essential features and judge their utility and think they are helpful for you or not.

Then buy the perfect golf putter for you that will be helpful to enjoy your every round, and that will make your game comfortable.


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