how to hit a golf ball straight

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight: Experts Guideline For Beginners

Do you know how to hit a golf ball straight? It’s possible, but not impossible. Our experts found some methods to do this work successfully. Read this knowledgeable article and apply these methods for your golf practice.

The necessity of How to hit a golf ball straight with driver or iron every time

For playing a successful round, to run your ball straight consistently is essential. Everyone knows very well that having the right driver and great distance off the tee is in vain if you cannot drive your ball straight always.

We are here to show you some tactic steps to improve your confidence to hit more consistently. Some amateur golfers focus entirely on running the driver as far as possible.

Still, everyone knows that it leads to uncertain results and that it is about having a balance between distance and accuracy or both.Everyone knows that driving accuracy is essential.

A survey shows that on the PGA (Professional Golf Association) Tour, the top 10 golfers in driving efficiency is 0.7 averagely, which emphasis advantage on the field only for their accuracy.

You are indeed making your course harder yourself on a hole, by missing the way on your tee shot, as tunnels have designed to reward straight drives and accurate approach shots. 

You might know that the Top 10 in driving accuracy statistics on the PGA tour typically have a driving accuracy of around 70% and 75%.

By knowing how to drive your golf ball straight every time you will make easier your next round and will enhance the chances that you can reach the green easily than your previous shots.

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How to hit a golf ball straight with an Iron by beginner Every time

There are some easy ways how to hit a golf ball straight with an driver to drive the golf ball according to your target and improve your driving as you want. Such as follows-

Step -1. Tee your ball halfway up:

Firstly, you should tee your golf ball correctly. If you like to increase your drive, then you should tee your ball halfway up the ground. For the longer hitters who have leeway with their accuracy, they will tee the ball at high to maximize the distance and the loft that they can get on the golf ball.

Step -2. Use different Stance:

Try to use a different stance than the required golf stance for a long drive. To set up your golf stance first, you should take a narrow position,which will be just beyond the shoulder width.

Thus you will get more control with your golf swing, which you will never get from a wide stance. Remember that wide Stance always allows a more significant swing motion.

Step -3. Grip your driver slightly lower:

To enhance the driving possibility of the ball straighter and to have more control, you should grip your golf driver somewhat at a lower position. Eventually, you may lose some power from your drives, but surely you will make it up through control and accuracy.

Step -4. Focus on the swing of the ball:

There are two types of swing movements in a golf course: backswing and downswing.

a)    Backswing:

The backswing continues to the backward motion of the takeaway. As your body reaches further to the back, avoid the inclination to bend your lead arm (left arm).

A helpful tip for the backswing is to bend your lead knee (left knee) right to the golf ball. You should turn your hips slightly, and begin to shift your weight towards your trail foot. Though some golfers try to feel, their head stays in line with the rest of their body.

b)   Downswing:

After reaching the height of your backswing, it is time for the downswing. Remember that the downswing is a critical point for a beginner golfer, where things go wrong while hitting a golf ball straight. During the downswing, you should keep your hands and the club to move together.

Beginner golfers often underestimate how fast their hands have to be moving to keep up with the clubhead when it moves on. Consequently, their hands end up lagging behind the club.

This prevents the weight from properly shifting over the hips and legs, where the power is. To save your drive from ruin, keep up your hand speed. Your hands should lead the club slightly at impact.

Remember that the distance on a drive comes more from clubhead speed than arm strength. So never try to muscle your way through the shot with only your arms. For sure, speed and power will come from the hips and legs, so take the advantage. 

The next critical aspect of the downswing is the position of the wrist. So hold your wrists steady all through the downswing. This process brings the clubhead square to the ball and ensures a beautiful, straight drive.

Step -5. Follow-Through:

Another common mistake of the beginner golfers is sudden stopping of swing, while they hit the ball. Inevitably, that will affect the distance of the drive, but it also will allow the angle of the clubhead to shift slightly, throwing the shot off their target. 

To prevent the situation, let your arms and body move all together smoothly through the swing. That is why it is called follow-through.

Finally, to make meaningful progress with your game, you should work on improving the consistency of the primary ball flight that you use for most of your shots.

So not only should you know whether the ball is going to draw or fade before you make your swing, but you also should have a rough idea of how much it will turn.

Knowing these in detail is going to make you a far better player. So don’t get upset while learning about hitting a golf ball straight. Use these wise steps, and keep practicing. We are sure you will watch soon how fast your long game and your scores will get better improvement. This is all about how to hit a golf ball straight with a driver or iron.

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