How to Dress for Golf

How To Dress For Golf: The Essential Guideline For A Model Golfer


Depending on the course policy that you are playing, the dress code may vary in strictness. Some people like to wear traditional golf dress but some people like the casual dress. It very necessary to know how to dress for golf properly.

Specific dress code is vital for a golf course not because of decoration only but also for the appropriate and comfortable feeling of the golfers.

So a golfer should have a clear idea about the golf dress code and what is the casual and traditional way of dressing for golf.

Traditional dress means the collection of garments, jewelry, and accessories rooted in the past that is worn by an identifiable group of people. On the contrary, casual dress means, the way of clothing that is somewhat informal but neat. If you want to buy best golf towel, then you can go through this article.

Following Traditional Golf Decorum

Ask about if there is any dress code of the club that you want to attend by a phone call, or you may find it on the website of that club.

The club may have a more conservative traditional dress code. You can choose the following clothes if you want a traditional dress up.

1. Collared T-Shirt 

​You can wear a short-sleeved polo or T-Shirts that have a collar because most of the clubs consider it as a suitable cloth for golfing. Never wear regular T-Shirts, tube tops or sleeveless shirts as these are not typically allowed for a golf course.

Remember that you can wear a turtleneck style collar and a long-sleeved shirt if the weather is colder outside. Don’t forget to enfold in your shirt as decorum.

2. Pant or Skirt

Long pants of cotton or polyester are typically acceptable for most of the golf courses. In hot weather capris, golf skirts and shorts with pleated or flat fronts are also allowed.

Jeans, mini- skirts, and running shorts are not allowed by many private clubs. If you like to wear a golf skirt, make sure that the bottom of your golf skirt will not rise above your knee.


3. Select comfortable clothes

Always try to select such clothes for golfing that will not be hot overall. Choose loose but form-fitting clothes as your clothes will not restrict your movement.

Choose cotton or polyester microfiber shirts and try to avoid wool and leather fiber if the weather is hot. 

4. Choose soft spikes shoes

Always choose golf shoes with soft spikes, it will help you to stabilize on the course and thus could improve your golf course. 

Remember that most of the clubs ban hard cleats golf shoes as this type of footwear is harmful to the green.


5. Choose sneakers as alternative golf shoes 

You can buy comfortable sneakers if you don’t like golf shoes. Most of the clubs at present allow players to wear regular sneakers.

So you can buy a pair of comfortable sneakers or athletic shoes because there is an excellent probability that you have to walk a lot during the course. Of course, you will not forget to ask the club before wearing your shoes or sneakers. 


6. Golf Socks

There is an untold rule in golf that players will match their socks with the rest of their outfits. So buy your socks that will match your outfits.

You can choose between ankle socks or tube socks because most of the clubs don’t have a restriction about the types of socks that players wear. 

Remember to check the fiber of the socks as they will help to soak up sweat and will prevent dampness. If you cannot manage specific golf socks, you can wear sports socks or any moisture-wicking socks.

7. Use a hat to protect your eyes

Always remember to wear a hat or helmet during your golf course. Most of the time, the caps will help to protect your eyes from the sun. You can wear a baseball cap, a visor, or a Ben Hogan cap. 

Avoid Cowboy hats, beanies and fedoras because these are not typically allowed for a golf course. Remember to wear your baseball cap facing forward, not backward.

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Following Casual or Your Won Style for Golfing

If you are not playing for a tournament, there is a restriction about your outfits for golfing. You can choose your outfits as you feel comfortable with them. 

1. Informal or Casual Dress:

If you like to dress casually, you can select pleated shorts or a golf skirt, a collared-polo and a baseball cap. Try to choose clothes that will be comfortable and make sure you will feel active, and you can breathe well by wearing your outfit. 

2. You can select Vibrant Colors:

If you want a casual dress up for your golf course, you can choose vibrant colors according to your own choice. You can choose clothes with bright colors and of different patterns, like an orange polo, a yellow and black plated pant.

If you like to wear a golf skirt, you can choose a bright color or a funny pattern too. Such as, you can select a solid pink golf skirt with a green check. 

You also can use mix-and-match patterns, such as by choosing an argyle vest and a plaid pant. 

Be careful that your outfits will match each other, or it will look odd, such as a striped polo shirt and a polka-dotted pant may clash with each other. 

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3. Use tight-fitting and durable jewelry:

Always use tight-fitting jewelry for your golf course as free jewelry may hamper your movement during the session. Hanging jewelry can hang down any time by getting stuck with something.

If you like to wear a watch, bracelet, necklace, or any other ornaments, then be sure about their more extended durability; otherwise, they could be damaged during your course. Choose jewelry that will match your outfit.

Try to avoid costly jewelry. You can collect golf-specific watches, bracelets, and necklaces. So, you can dress up yourself as traditional or casual according to your needs, but it is clear that to play your course comfortably and successfully, you should always remember some facts.

If you want to dress traditionally, then you can wear pleated pants, tube socks, and a Ben Hogan hat. 

Otherwise, you can wear solid colored or striped polo or button-down shirts with brown or black pants. You can also use a bright colored golf skirt too. 

These all will give you a casual look. You can also have a look at golf magazines and professional tournaments to get more ideas to find your golf outfit as you want.

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