How To Control Tempo In Golf Swing

How To Control Tempo In Golf Swing- Advanced Tips For Golfer

The perfect golf swing tempo is such a matter of the golf swing that separates the pros from the amateurs. Every golfer wants it, but few players have achieved it still now!

You no need to be worried at all because, in this post, we are going to share with you the exact steps and strategies to create perfect swing tempo in detail.

This article will help you a lot to make proper swing tempo in your next golf round and you will come to know how to control tempo in golf swing properly. You will also know how to swing a golf club for controlling tempo.

What is Golf Swing Tempo?

The book, “Breaking 100, 90, 80” is a complete game-improvement resource (published in 2004), presented by the world’s golf authority. This book suggests that the right tempo in a perfect golf swing is a matter of implementing a consistent amount of force from the starting of the downswing to the follow-through.

In his famous book, “My Golden Lessons,” Jack Nicklaus describes swing tempo as the rate of speed while the club is traveling as it goes back and then proceeds back down and through the ball. To practice perfect golf swing tempo, he forms a mental image of his backswing and downswing that will happen at the same speed.

Tempo has defined as the elapsed time of your golf swing from backswing to follow-through.

Most amateur golfers struggle with finding the proper tempo for a variety of reasons. Like as they think, they need to swing faster than they do to generate significant power and distance.

What is the Right Swing Tempo?

The perfect golf swing tempo is all about getting the perfect tempo of 3:1.

More clearly, we can say, your backswing should take 3X as long as your downswing and maintaining this time sequence is called the right swing tempo.

That is, if you take three seconds for your backswing, you should take one second for your downswing. If you take six seconds for the backswing, your downswing should take two seconds like this.

This timing creates the perfect balance to ensure you’re always increasing at impact and wrapping the ball with power help for easy golf swing.

How to Get Better Swing Tempo?

A properly balanced follow-through is one sign of a perfect golf swing with the proper tempo. A swing with the right tempo looks fluid, rhythmic and may appear slower than it is. The proper tempo is one of the keys to both power–longer shots–and accuracy in golf.

Here are some useful tips and steps to help you swing better at the 3:1 ratio in no time.

01. Relax at Address:

First of all, relax when you address the ball. Take a deep breath. Release the passing grip and pressure that comes with it.

Mental pressure is a major cause of a hurried swing tempo, especially with amateur golfers. You should be intentional with all the actions about how to swing a golf club you taken before for your standing and for setting the club behind the ball.

Getting relaxed and staying loose throughout the round is the key to easy golf swing and ultimate success, especially when you’re playing well or competing in an event.

02. Find the Right Grip Pressure:

The next target is to find the measurement of grip pressure you need to control of the club without trembling your hands and forearms. It is essential to note this is different for each club and type of shot.

Such as, you like to grip it more with a vulgar lie in the rough and lighter in the bunkers. For full shots, you like to have a 5/10 on the grip pressure scales.

Otherwise, too much pressure in the grip can cause you to shrink the club back rather than starting smoothly and instantly can throw you off and makes it nearly impossible to hit the 3:1 tempo. Thus you will know how to swing a golf club with your proper grip.

03. Go Smooth on the Way Back:

Make sure to practice with starting your golf swing much more slowly than usual; you do while you are practicing.

It is essential to note that very slow on the backswing not either positive too. A very slow backswing makes it easy to rush the downswing and come over the top producing the rough pull cut.

The golfer’s instructional book, “Breaking 100, 90, 80,” recommends a visual key of developing a smooth tempo with your tee shots. Like you imagine, your driver has attached to a set of wheels.

Your simple golf swing by moving these imaginary wheels back–keeping them on the ground for at least the first 12 inches of the backswing.

04. Swing Tempo Steps:

There are some great steps from My Golf and Me about how to swing a golf club properly. These simple steps will help to keep your body and arms inter-related. In addition, you will no need to go to the distance to start working on it.

Step- 01: Tighten your knees and take a normal address position.

Step-02: Cross your arms so your left arm is over your right angle and right arm is over your left angle.

Step-03: Feel as if you tighten your core, which keeps your body and arms together.

Step-04: Practice moving your body back while holding your angle. Thus you will make it easy to control over simple golf swing or get too much activity with your arms.

05. Upper and Lower Body Should Work Together:

Rob Akins says in the book, “Breaking 100, 90, 80,” during the perfect golf swing keeping your arms and hands in rhythm with your lower body is the key to develop a rhythmic swing with proper tempo.

You should make a smooth, full shoulder turn on your backswing and then rotate your hips fully on the downswing until they are perpendicular to the target line.

06. Don’t Rush to the downswing:

In his famous book “Total Shotmaking” ( published in 1994), Fred Couples cautions the golfers against opening the downswing with a hard-driving to avoid “lurching”-type lateral move.

He tells about a slight and smooth lateral move. What follows next in Couples’ swing is turning his hips to the left as he makes solid contact with the ball. So never get hurry during your downswing.

07. The tempo of a Waltz Dance:

Jack Nicklaus says in his book “My Golden Lessons,” golfers who are trying to develop their golf swing tempo should try to follow the tempo as the dancers follow in a slow waltz–that is the beats of their rhythm one-two-three, one-two-three.

Work on blending this beat cycle as you practice your footwork–your left foot moving inward while you swing back, and after that, your right foot will move towards the target on the downswing.

08. The Balanced Finish:

Never make a conscious effort to speed up the golf swing. You should think about how you want your hands positioned at the finish of your swing.

Then try to hold your finish position for a few seconds and to maintain the right balance.

The way of keeping your grip pressure even throughout the simple golf swing also helps to maintain proper tempo.

Final Verdict:

After reading this article, hopefully, swing tempo will make a lot more sense, and you’re ready to start changing in yours. Now you know a lot about how to control tempo in golf swing properly.

 Remember that swing tempo is all about finding the perfect 3:1 ratio. Make sure to adapt this ratio to your easy golf swing and never try to follow Tiger, Rory, or your favorite PGA player. Because sometimes watching too much golf from the couch can make you a vulgar golfer.

While it is good to learn from the pros, you can’t try to imitate their swing without the proper basics.

The fact is that, even, sometimes pros struggle with tempo too. Usually, it’s when they have too many shots or have a pressure shot. That is why it’s very important to work on finding your consistent tempo for long-lasting results.

There is no alternative to regularly practicing in a properly balanced way. So keep up your regular practice and be a master on how to control tempo in golf swing.

You no need to be worried at all because, in this post, we are going to share with you the exact steps and strategies to create perfect swing tempo in detail.

This article will help you a lot to make proper swing tempo in your next golf round, and you will come to know how to control the tempo in golf swing properly. 


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