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The Best Way How To Charge Golf Cart Batteries: Technical Guideline

Here are some essential tips to let you know the best way how to charge golf cart batteries accurately. 

Indeed, proper use and care while charging golf cart batteries can easily influence how much service you will get from your batteries, and it will help to extend the life of your batteries too.

Learning how to charge best golf cart batteries requires you to learn a little more about doing it better. Let us know how to charge golf cart batteries properly in detail. Before charging your golf cart batteries, you will ensure the things, such as:

1. Identify the voltage of your golf cart battery:

The charger you will buy needs to match the energy of your golf cart, (to avoid unnecessary damage to your cells) that is:

The electric golf carts will have 6 or 8 best golf cart batteries located under the driver’s seat (sometimes four batteries). These 4, 6, or 8 series batteries, when linked together, will total up to a power of either 36-volts or 48-volts.

Examples: 36-volt golf carts require a 36-volt charger and 48-volt golf carts require a 48-volt charger

If you want to buy best golf battery for your golf cart, must read.

2. Identify the correct type of plug for your golf cart charger

Because there are half-a-dozen plug types on the market for various cart models, you need to choose the golf cart charger with the plug that will fit on your golf cart’s charging receptacle.


3. Select the right charger for your golf cart

There are available chargers in the market of different sizes, models, and various capacities. So, choose a charger that will be fit for your golf cart battery.

How to charge a golf cart battery

To charge your golf cart battery accurately, you must follow the following steps.

Step -1

Turn on the battery charger to see if there any power is getting into the battery.

Step -2

Turn the ignition to auxiliary. Look at the cables of the battery charger. If the charger doesn’t get turn-on, then there is a problem with the connection between the charger and the battery.

Step -3

Check the AC power cord is plugged into a working outlet or not. If the battery is getting an electrical power supply, then you will hear a humming sound from the transformer.

Step -4

There will be a wiring diagram for the golf cart in the owner’s manual. Track the wiring system of the battery charger.

There requires a continuous connection from the battery charger to the battery for getting the power to run continuously. Look for old wires, cut wires, and corrosion on the terminals of the cell.

Step -5

Find out the basic cable from the battery charger. It will be a single wire that will come from the charger and will be attached to the metal-frame of the golf cart inside the engine house.

A disconnected primary wire will stop the battery charger from charging the battery.

Step -6

Find out the fuses of the charger in the service panel on the back fender of the golf cart. If the fuse of the battery charger is blown, the battery will not get a charge.

Step -7

Pull off the caps of the battery stations. If you can see the liquid is gray or brown, then the battery needs a replacement.


Feel the battery charger. Overheating causes malfunction to the charger. Ensure that the battery charger is clean of grime and debris. Any type of erosion can cause overheating.



Without maintaining any routine, if you keep recharging the battery, consequently, the battery will not hold any charge. Some cables need to clean and check for a tear. 

A cart battery that is low in acid or has a crack in it, the battery charger cannot charge.

Different batteries follow different instructions to be charged:There are mainly two types of best golf cart batteries- Lead Acid and Lithium-ion batteries. Both the batteries must be charged regularly for their active service.

Watch: The way to charge golf cart battery

How to charge a lead-acid cart battery

  • Read all of the instructions that came with your battery twice. 
  • Charge your battery after every use routinely, so it’s always ready to go. 
  • Charge in a well-ventilated area to avoid gases that build up during charge time. 
  • Take a pass on charging your golf cart in high temperatures.
  • Understand that ion batteries needn’t be fully discharged to take a new charge. 
  • Double-check voltage settings and compensate for temperatures above 80-degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Check water levels and tighten the vent caps. 

The charging process is not complicated, and you can extend the life of your lead-acid golf cart batteries by accurately charging the batteries.


The proper way of charging lithium-ion golf cart battery:

To charge your lithium-ion batteries properly, follow these steps. 

1. Read the instructions appearing on the literature that came with your battery. 

2. Don’t charge the battery if the temperature is extreme, either too cold or hot.

3. Turn the cart off while undertaking the charging process, so the battery reaches a proper saturation point. 

4. If the battery gets hot while charging, give a rest to it.

5. Avoid charging the batteries to the maximum extent. 6. During the stabilization condition, you should not change the battery.7. Follow the readiness signal of the battery.8. If there is any confusion, reread the manual.

When to Charge Golf Cart Batteries:

1. Charge your golf cart batteries before they get empty.

2. The cart batteries could get damage permanently if you left them without any charge for a few weeks or a month; because of the self-discharge ability of the cart batteries.

3. You should keep charging the batteries even when the golf cart is in rest. Never keep disconnecting the charger for a long time.

4. Remember that in cold weather, the golf cart batteries get discharged rapidly.

5. The following steps can help you with your golf cart battery maintenance.

6. Charge the batteries at least for 8 to 10 hours, preferably overnight.

7. Keep the terminals and tops of your batteries clean and dry.

8. Always try to find tight and secure battery connectors and vent caps for charging your batteries properly.

9. Fill cart the batteries with clean water to the level specified above.

10. Use only golf cart batteries and give a refresh charge once in 45 to 60 days. Charge more often in hot weather.

11. Remember that as batteries become older, their water requirement and charging time will enhance, respectively.

12. Choose an automatic battery charger so that the batteries can get fully charged always themselves.

13. Do not charge the batteries in the cold weather.

14. Make a record of the voltage of each golf cart battery for later implication.

15. Follow routine maintenance of the golf cart and wipe down the battery charger after raining.

16. If you don’t have time to maintenance golf cart batteries, choose maintenance-free batteries. Other facilities of these golf cart batteries are that they don’t leak or corrode the terminals.

17. Pull the caps off the battery terminals. If the liquid is gray or brown, then the battery needs a replacement.


Replace Batteries if Needed

Check the condition of your cart batteries properly before deciding to replace them. Go for professional assistance if you think that the battery is weak or the cart charger is not working correctly.

Indeed, a battery treated correctly will eventually require replacement or need the kind of maintenance. Remember that golf cart batteries tend to last for 5-6 years, and then the batteries should be replaced by new cells.

How to extend the life of your battery: 

  • Don’t overcharge your battery
  • Don’t drive until the charge of the cell becomes very low
  • Monthly maintenance is essential
  • Don’t run the radio after you are done
  • Avoid steep hills and long distances
  • Bring the battery for routine maintenance


1. Overheating causes the battery to malfunction.2. Make sure that the battery charger is clean of grime and debris. 3. While checking cable supply, use hand gloves that do not conduct electricity.

Final Verdict

It is essential to know how to charge golf cart batteries properly; thus, you can get the maximum benefits from your device. Without proper charging, you will not be able to run your golf cart comfortably.

So, a golf cart battery is an essential part of your golf equipment. So always select the best golf cart batteries for your caddy and must take care of it in a proper way.

Other ways you have been in trouble again and again because your batteries are the power source of your golf cart that is the source of your enjoyment during the golf course. So, properly charge your golf cart batteries and enjoy your game.

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