How Many Golf Balls Fit In A School Bus

How Many Golf Balls Fit In A School Bus: A Mathematical Approach

Google has been asking crucial questions in their interviews. You may find some of the questions to be absurd. Google often asks the question- how many golf balls fit in a school bus. They do not expect any definite answer of course. They test the candidate’s aptitude to solve any given problem by asking this question. So, if you are ever asked this question, you can answer it confidently by reading what I am about to tell you.

If you are a bold kind of person and also enjoy a bit of sense of humor, you can answer the following way. When asked, smile, and say, “well, there are 48 passengers+1 driver= 49 persons on the bus, so I am assuming 49*2=98 balls can fit in a school bus.” But, make sure that you can pull that off.

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Let’s face it. Google wants your answer to be smart and logical. They will like you more if you can apply a mathematical approach in determining how many golf balls fit in a school bus. Before that, let’s discuss some basics of a golf ball.

What is a Golf Ball?

A golf ball or as casually called a “tee” is a rubber ball used in golf. It is specially designed as per the regulation set by the USGA (United States Golf Association) and R&E. You can’t play golf without a golf ball. So, as it is a major element, there are several regulations regarding its design.

What is the size of a Golf Ball

How crucial the size of the golf ball is can be understood by the following quote made by Jack Lemmon, the actor.

“If you think it’s hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball.”

We need to know the size of the golf ball if we want to know how many golf balls can fit in a school bus. The standard size of a regular golf ball is 1.68 inches in diameter. The UGSA and R&E have set this minimum diameter in inches together.

Any golf ball that is bigger than this will be accepted in any golf game but smaller than this will be disqualified. To avoid these complications, most golfers prefer the standard size of 1.68 inches in diameter. Be sure to fill your bus with the standard-sized golf balls when you are counting how many golf balls can fit in a school bus.

The size and volume of a school bus

Ever wondered you have to think about the volume of your old yellow school bus again! What one has to do to get into Google! Your old school bus has a width of 8ft and a height of 6ft and length of 20ft. So, the bus has a volume of 8ft*6ft*20ft= 960 cubic feet. A cubic foot has 1728 cubic inches. So, 960 cubic feet has 1.6m cubic inches.

The size and volume of a golf ball

Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez said,

“Golf is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.”

And here look at us! Calculating the volume of a golf ball using math! What fun! Nevertheless, let’s dive in. The standard size of a golf ball is 1.68 inches in diameter. So, the radius of the balls is (1.68/2) = .84 inches. So the volume is (4/3 * 3.1416 *.84) = 2.5 cubic inches. Here, 3.1416 is the value of pi.

Let’s go for the solution!

“What shall we use to fill the empty spaces

Where waves of hunger roar?

Shall we set out across the sea of faces

In search of more and more applause?”

In this song, Pink Floyd asked you how you would fill the empty spaces within yourself. Certainly, many of us are clueless about the answer. And, here you are tasked with filling a yellow school bus with golf balls! If only we could fill ourselves with golf balls too!

So, the answer to how many golf balls fit in a school bus is: (the volume of the school bus/ the volume of a standard golf ball. So, by dividing 1.6m cubic inches by 2.5 cubic inches we get the number 660,000. That’s a lot!


However, we are not considering all the spaces the seats or the engine take. For our peace of mind let’s round up the figure. Let us consider, 500,000 golf balls can fill a school bus. As I have told you before the accuracy of the answer does not mean that much to Google. The mathematical approach applied here is right so you are going to be right.

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