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The Best Golf Ball Display Case For Golfers: Golfer’s Choice

Are you looking for a smart golf ball display case? If you are such a golfer who is fond of your collection of golf balls, you might love the idea of having an excellent golf ball display case, rather than taking the risk of losing your logo balls here and there.

There are available golf ball display cases in the market. So to store your favorite golf balls safely, collect your golf ball display case according to your own choice and need.

There are some useful guidelines for you to help you to choose the best golf ball display case. So keep reading this article.

What Type of Display Case You Should Buy:

There are various categories of golf ball display available in the market. These are perfect golf ball display cases that can protect your favorite golf balls very well. 

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Various Categories of Golf Ball Display Case:

For displaying your collection of golf balls, there are multiple types of golf balls available in the market. Some of these types include:

1. Golf Ball Display Cabinet
2. Golf Ball Display Rack
3. Golf Ball Display Stand
4. Desktop Golf Ball Display
5. Single Golf Ball Display Box
6. Golf Ball Display Holder
7. Golf Ball Display Shelf

Have a detail look about the display cases and their use:

Various types of golf ball display cases have discussed bellow so that you can easily choose one for you without any hesitation.

1. Golf Ball Display Cabinets:

Depending on size, golf ball display cabinets can heap up to a hundred golf balls or more. These cabinets can either be hung or kept on a flat surface, with a flat base.

These durable cabinets typically have a series of shelves to hold up several golf balls together. Some of these cases come with a glass door and a door display rack.

These cabinets are generally designed from a variety of materials, such as plastic, variety of woods, including oak, pine, and beach wood. These cabinets are usually fully enclosed, with glass or acrylic doors to display the balls within.

2. Golf Ball Display Rack:

A golf ball display rack can be a suitable golf ball holder that can hold 20 to 100 balls, and some are even more. This golf ball rack has designed to be hung on a wall, and thus they typically include all the hardware that needs to complete the job.

The collectible display shelf and a golf ball display rack have pre-cut holes in which to place your golf balls. It helps to prevent the golf balls from rolling.

These display racks can either be open or enclosed, the later using a piece of sliding glass or plastic to make visible the golf balls.

3. Golf Ball Display Stand or Holder:

A golf ball display stand has designed to be kept on a flat surface, such as a trophy shelf or on a desk. These stands usually have a lovely wooden base that can be designed with a decorated plate of some kind.

The raised platforms on these stands allow displaying the most treasured golf balls. These stands either can be open or fully enclosed on all sides using glass or a durable cover of transparent plastic.

4. Golf Ball Display Box for Desktop:

A golf ball box is to display your golf ball on desktops designed with elements of both golf ball display cabinets and golf ball display stands.

This golf ball box for desktop allows you to display 10 to 20 different golf balls on a series of shelves that are wrapped with a crystal box that looks great anywhere.

This golf ball box can be made from glass or see-through plastic. With a sturdy base on it, such boxes added an extra level of security. These security bases are typically made from wood or tough acrylic substances that are available in a wide variety of lovely colors.

5. Single Golf Ball Display Box:

Like a multi-ball golf ball display box, a unique golf ball box is also designed to be placed on a hard flat surface or a desk as a golf ball holder.

This golf ball case can be designed from plastic, wood, or even marble, from where an arch rises to display the ball remarkably.

The ball is then firmly decorated with a five-sided piece of glass or plastic that perfectly fits into the slits of the golf ball case.

6. Golf Ball Shadow Box:

To show off your club championships, memorable shots and autograph balls with this golf ball shadow box or wall cabinet will be praiseworthy.

This golf ball shadow box holds up to 57 golf balls and features a green felt background that gives the golf ball shadow rack an attractive edge.

The dimples on the golf ball shadow box helps to prevent balls from rolling while the hinged door with crystal glass protects against exposure to dust.

7. Golf Ball Display Shelf:

To display your prized golf balls will also like a golf ball shelf. It is ideal for reward golf balls, championship balls, and memorable shots.

This golf ball shelf doesn’t have a glass front, so holes on the golf ball shelf help to hold the golf balls in place. This golf ball shelf looks high with sitting on a desk or hanging on a wall.


Essential Features to Check-in Golf Ball Display Cases:

Before purchasing your display case, justify the following qualities and features in them:

1. Brand:

All the brands are designing their products from the most remarkable materials and quality design.

Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge the brand’s history, such as if they have a history of creating quality display cases.

This is a simple criterion, but very necessary in finding out the best brands and products to consider.

2. Holding Capacity of the Case: 

The number of balls a golf ball display case can hold varies from case to case. Some large display cabinets can hold 110 golf balls or more. These large cabinets generally include 10 to 12 shelves, and each of these shelves has roughly ten holes that help to keep the balls in place.

Golf display racks can hold up to 100 balls or more, too, although most of these are specifically manufactured to hold about 40-50 balls.

Golf ball display stands have designed to showcase 20 to 30 golf balls.There are single-ball golf display boxes too. Such positions are made to exhibit the most valuable single ball that can be a hole-in-one ball or a golf ball that signed by your favorite professional golfer.

​3. Materials Are Used to Make Golf Ball Display Cases:

There are a variety of materials used in the construction of the golf ball display case.

Golf ball cabinets and racks are generally made from an attractive wood source, such as oak, pine, ash or beech wood. Stands and boxes may use glass, plastic, or acrylic materials to protect and showcase the ball simultaneously.

Many golf ball display cases are made with a combination of materials, such as wooden display cabinets with a glass door or a glass display stand with a gorgeous wooden base.

Stainless steel or metal is a simple material commonly used in designing products that are placed on walls. Some of the axes tend to be made of metal or steel, while the hanging design has made with the same material for durability purposes.

4. Doors and Locks:

The smaller golf ball stands and boxes are usually fully wrapped to protect against the elements, and some golf ball racks may also have a clear sliding cover of some kind for the same reason.

Many larger golf ball display cabinets have either plastic or glass doors that help guard the balls against dust and other particles.

Most of these doors even come with a locking mechanism that can help to store your favorite relics safely. 

5. Felt in Golf Ball Display Cases:

The felt (a non-woven textile) is another quality and aesthetically pleasing design factor of a quality case.

Many of the cases are designed with a felt on the back panel of the cabinet or on the bottom to give an extremely luxurious feel and design. With that, the felt makes the product look even more genuine and easy to use.

This felt serves mainly two purposes as bellow:

1) It prevents the golf balls from being scratched or dinged by the wood surface; and

2) It serves as a beautiful framework in which to display your golf ball memories remarkably.

6. Acrylic:

The golf ball display cases are designed with acrylic as the “glass” it is essential. This design allows for the appearance of glass with the safety that it will not shatter and be highly durable.

Many of the acrylic cases are designed to be UV resistant and also designed to be scratch resistant and very easy to clean.


Final Verdict:

There are some ideal golf ball display cases on the market available. Now, it is your turn to consider and choose one according to your preference.

These cases are of various sizes, designs, and their facilities also different. According to the collection of your golf balls, choose your golf ball display case and store your favorite golf balls.

Before purchasing your display case don’t forget to judge the qualities and facilities of the case accurately, such as- check that the case is scratch and UV resistant, the lock is magnetic or not, is there felt at the back panel, it can be both a hanging case and desk case, easy to clean, polished or matte, wood is real, etc.

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