Cleaning Golf Clubs With Vinegar

The Best Ways Of Cleaning Golf Clubs With Vinegar-The Experts Tips

Are you looking for some savvy ways of cleaning golf clubs? Are you searching for the best way of cleaning your golf clubs? This article will take you through some active steps of cleaning golf clubs with vinegar and some other simple ingredients. 

Golf clubs are expensive, so it is the best way to clean golf clubs with some golf club cleaning kit and take proper care of them to avoid having to replace them again and again.

Cleaning Kits that You will be Required to Clean Golf Clubs:

There is a list of some standard golf club cleaning kit that you will be required to clean golf clubs properly.1. A bucket2. Warm water3. Dishwashing liquid or soap4. An old toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush5. A towel6. A cloth or towel7. Fine Steel Wool8. A hard bristle toothbrush (just to clean rust from metal clubs)9. Wet and dry sandpaper 10. White vinegar ( to remove rust and to give a new look)11. Metal Polish12. A Dremel or similar rotary tool with a polishing bit (not necessary, rags will do)13. Plenty of elbow grease

Before starting your cleaning process, better to be sure that which types of golf clubs you are going to clean so that you can follow the steps accordingly. Because each golf club’s materials are different, and there are various cleaning methods for every type.

So, it is essential to know whether you will clean metal clubs or wooden clubs.

Different Parts of a Golf Club and Their Cleaning Process:

There are various types of materials that are being used to make golf clubs. Commonly we know about metal and wooden golf clubs, and a golf club has three main parts grip, shaft, and head.

The following materials are being used for making golf club heads.

  1. Zinc
  2. Die-Cast Aluminum including HST and 6061 Aluminum
  3. 304 Stainless Steel
  4. Carbon Steel
  5. 431 Stainless Steel
  6. 17-4 Stainless Steel
  7. 6-4 Titanium•15-5 Stainless Steel
  8. Beta Titanium
  9. Maraging steels (iron alloys, In this article, I will discuss the cleaning process of a golf club step by step.


How to clean wooden golf clubs:

The best way to clean golf clubs that are made of wood has described here step by step. Cleaning a wooden golf club is very easy! Wooden clubs should not be dipped in water, and they should not be scrubbed with a brush too. Follow these simple steps to clean your wooden golf clubs.

Take a bucket of warm water and dip a cloth into the water to make the fabric wet. Then rinse out the extra water from the fabric.

Carefully wipe up your wooden clubhead to clean the dirt off. Then dry the club with a towel.

To give a glossy or shiny look to your wooden club, you can rub the club with little coconut oil with a piece of cotton.

How to clean metal golf clubs:

To clean your metal golf club head, first of all, fill a bucket with enough warm water so that the head of the club will get dip into the water. Avoid hot water because hot water can damage the club.

Dishwasher liquid and soap can be used as a good golf club cleaning kit as they quickly remove the extra dirt. Then add 2 or 3 teaspoons of dishwasher liquid or mild detergent into the water.

Soak your dirty club heads into the soapy, warm water for 5-10 minutes so the dirt can loosen and be taken off quickly in the next step. If your clubs are exceptionally muddy and need a deeper clean – you can leave them in the water for 15-20 minutes.

Take each clubhead out of the water, one by one, and then get an old toothbrush or a soft-bristle brush to scrub and to remove the remaining dirt from each clubhead.

Make sure that you have scrubbed all areas of your club heads – the back, front, and bottom, including each groove. Notice that the step has completed thoroughly.

When you remove the dirt off, then rinse the club heads underwater. Be sure that no water has got inside the shaft or in the grip of the golf club.

After cleaning dry the club heads with a towel – make sure the club head and shaft are not left damp as extra water can easily make them rusty.


How to Clean Rust with Vinegar:

White vinegar is an essential golf club’s cleaning kit. Cleaning golf clubs with vinegar is the best way to clean golf clubs easily. Here we will discuss how to clean golf clubs with vinegar. It is the best way to clean golf clubs correctly.

After cleaning the extra dirt from your club, use some vinegar to give a new look to the club. Sometimes metal clubs can get rusty quickly. To remove the rust vinegar is a perfect cleaning kit.

So, to remove rust from metal cleaning golf clubs with vinegar is essential. There are a few ways to use vinegar as a golf club cleaning kit that you can follow.

1. Soak the Club into Vinegar:

Soak your club, especially the head of the club, into vinegar. Depending on how severe the rust is, let it soak for anywhere from 10-60 minutes. To make the solution of vinegar, take a cup of vinegar for 1 gallon distilled water, and mix them well.

2. Scrub with Aluminum Foil:

When your club will get soak properly, then scrub it with a crumpled aluminum foil, steel wool, or a brass-bristle brush to clean club correctly.

If you don’t want to take time to soak the club, then take a ball of aluminum foil and dip the ball into the liquid of white vinegar and use the ball to scrub the rust on the metal.

3. Dissolve with Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another helpful golf club cleaner. To balance the acid of the vinegar from the surface of the clean club, rinse the metal in some warm water first. Then dissolve 1 cup of baking soda in a gallon of water and let it soak in there for about 10 minutes. 

Then rinse the club with distilled water, and rub with a rag soaked in dissolved alcohol (like isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or rubbing alcohol) to remove excess moisture.

How to clean shaft of the golf club:

After cleaning the head of your golf club, you should not neglect to clean the shaft of the club too. 

To clean the shaft, you can use a damp fabric to remove any dirt from the surface of the shaft and then dry it thoroughly with a towel.

If you are worried about how to remove the rust from the shaft, just take a piece of cloth or cotton. Soak the cotton with some vinegar and rub on the shaft slowly. Vinegar is an essential golf club cleaner to remove rust from the club.

Be careful that you will not scratch the shaft. After that, make sure to dry the shaft from the vinegar thoroughly.

How to clean grip of the golf club:

The grip of a golf club is essential as it can quickly get dirty and worn from sweat. Be sure to clean your golf club grip if possible after every match you play.The method is simple. First, take a soaked fabric and wipe up the entire surface of the grip. Then rinse the grip with distilled water.

After this, dry up the surface of the grip with a towel and check whether any water has got onto the shaft. If there is any water dry that too because extra water can damage the shaft and grip of the club.


Polishing the Metal Clubs:

Along with cleaning, polishing is an essential part of the maintenance routine too.

If a club is polished after cleaning, it will be protected from the dirt and will not get damaged quickly. 

Before polishing the golf clubs thoroughly, the clubs should be cleaned in a proper way, as mentioned above. Then apply any metal polish or car polish or even a spray polish can be used on them.

A piece of soft fabric can be used to wipe up the club with a polish. Then leave the club for a few minutes to get dry. 

In this way, your golf club will look shiny, and the polishing will protect the club from dirt and damage.

Final Verdict:

To keep your game always exciting and challenging, you need to maintain your golf club properly. Don’t let the dirt or rust affect your club as dirt can lessen the swing speed of the club. So cleaning golf clubs is essential.

Cleaning golf clubs with vinegar is the best way to clean golf clubs. As vinegar is a vital golf club cleaner and it can remove dirt and rust effectively and quickly. This article shows how to clean golf clubs rapidly and correctly.

We have suggested some effective golf club cleaner that will help you a lot to do the work without any effort.

So follow these ways to keep your clubs always clean. A great wish for you to enjoy your next game with more significant successes!

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