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The Best Way To Clean Golf Balls: Step-by-Step Guide

If you like to know about how to clean golf balls at home, no need to have any fear! Here is some smart and best way to clean golf balls to look like new again.

Before start cleaning your golf balls, you will require some materials as the list given below to clean your golf balls properly.

1. Dishwashing Liquid Soap:

It is the most common cleaning agent found in every house. It is the gentlest and safest golf ball cleaner.

2. White Vinegar:

Though acidic, this is a relatively harmless but effective solvent that acts as an excellent golf ball cleaner. White vinegar is environment-friendly and not expensive too.

3. Bleach:

Submerging dirty and discolored golf balls into liquid bleach will cause a reaction on the external surface and will make the golf ball look whiter and brighter.


4. Household Ammonia:

Ammonia is a standard golf ball cleaner that can be used to clean stubborn stains and remove dirt from different surfaces.


5. Cleaning Equipment:

To scrub and to remove trash gently from the surface of the balls, specific soft-bristled brushes and nylon scrubbers will be required, but sturdy equipment can damage your ball.

6. A Water Faucet with Hose:

All you need to connect the water hose to a drain or faucet and supply the forceful water on the golf balls to remove mud and other particles.


7. Washing Container:

Any container, a bucket, tub, or even a kitchen sink is the right place where you can wash your balls under pressure and can leave them to soak for one or two hours.


8. Acetone:

Acetone is an excellent cleaning solution, especially in removing severe marks and stains. You can use it as an excellent golf ball cleaner. It will be required in a very little quantity and can be used with the help of some cotton balls.

9. Dish -Towels:

Once the balls are washed, you will need dish towels or any soft cloth to wipe the balls dry.

10. Dishwasher (optional):

You can use a dishwasher as a golf ball washer to clean all your golf balls in a minute without any mess.

Cleaning Instructions

There are several methods of cleaning golf balls quickly by using the above materials. Go through the instructions and choose a way that suits your requirements the best. After collecting all these materials, start your cleaning process step by step:


1. Dishwasher Method

You can use your dishwasher as a golf ball washer to wash golf balls easily; it is entirely a gentle and effective way to clean golf balls.

Before you slug in a bag load of balls, ensure that they are free from dirt and other superficial debris. Give them a nice hot water twist, and you will see your golf balls are looking fresh.

First of all, pour enough dishwashing liquid in the detergent compartment of the dishwasher. Then put the golf balls into the dishes compartment.

Turn on the temperature to medium-hot. Keep the dishwasher on the presoak mode and then let the golf balls to get soak for two to three minutes.

Let the cycle to be continued and to be completed. Take the golf balls out of the dishwasher to check if they get clean properly or not. If you think that still there is some more dirt on the balls, please, let them get washed for another cycle.

This cleaning process is appropriate for the golf ball that is not too filthy.


2. Soaking Method

This method is quite simple. Just you will require finding a bucket; tub or even your kitchen sink is an excellent place to let the balls soak in. Keep all the balls into the chosen container and fill the box with some lukewarm water.

Now chose your cleaning solution. You can select ammonia or white vinegar as your golf ball washer. Any one of these solutions will help to clean the balls thoroughly.

Pour in some liquid according to the number of your balls and let the balls soak for about half an hour.

Then transfer the balls into another container, filled with clean water, and rinse them thoroughly. If you can see any caked mud or trash on the balls, use a brush or scrubber to clean the garbage out.

Then rinse and dry the balls on clean towels. After that, you can keep them for sundry for a few minutes. This method is appropriate for moderately dirty balls.

3. Scrubbing Method

This method is suitable for golf balls that have been restored from ponds or water blockhouse. Even balls that have found after a long period of time and tend to have caked mud, slime on them, and are coated with some other sticky stuff.

Execute a water hose over the balls in a big container. Then try to remove the stuck particles when they are partially clean. After that, use a paste of baking soda and water as a golf ball washer and take a scrubber or a brush to remove the dirt.

Give the balls a good rinse again. Take any other container and pour in some cleaning solution (Ammonia, white vinegar, or bleach). Diffuse it with moderately hot water.

Keep the balls into this solution for at least an hour to be soaked. Then rinse with clean water. Towel dries them, and keeps them for a sundry for a few minutes.

This method has recommended for the golf balls that are too dirty.


4. Stain Removal Method:

Sometimes golf balls require to be marked with permanent markers or paint for identification. They may get badly stained and discolored due to constant exposure to external elements too. For such golf balls, a little extra treatment is required to get them cleaned and shiny once again.

Depending on the kind and amount of dirty balls that have heaped, you can use any of the above methods to clean the balls and make them brighter again.

If the marks persist, then you need to get hold of some acetone, or even a nail paint remover will do the work.

Dip a piece of cotton into the solution and rub it well on the paint or marks of the permanent marker. Rinse with clean water and pat dry on fresh towels. Leave in the sun to dry out completely before storing it.

This method is suitable to remove old and stubborn stains and even in the treatment of slightly discolored balls.

Best Way to Clean Golf Balls

Best Way to Clean Golf Balls

Pro Tips

  • There are some tips and suggestions for quick, better, and easier cleaning of your golf balls.
  • Soaking into lukewarm water works exceptionally well in the cleaning of the golf balls. Just remember not to soak for too long that can damage the quality of your ball.
  • Sort out the balls according to their level of dirtiness. All the balls need not go through all the processes of cleaning.
  • Do not leave golf balls unclean for long periods of time. Cleaning freshly dirty balls is much faster and quicker compared to balls which not been cleaned for a long time.
  • Useless and old golf balls can be resold, and even you can recycle golf balls easily.
  • Acidic elements should always be avoided for cleaning golf balls. It is better to keep them less shiny than being damaged.
  • While cleaning the balls with any detergentor acetone hands, gloves should be used to prevent any damage to your hands.
  • Avoid cleaning your golf balls in the green, as there are some restrictions according to the rules of USGA. Even the golfers could be punished for this.

Cleaning Golf Balls with Hydrogen Peroxide

All golfers need to know how to clean golf balls quickly and adequately. Hydrogen Peroxide is an incredible cleaning solution. It is odorless, color-safe, and non-toxic.

It is the most effective cleaning solution to remove any stain or dirt from any surface.

So, to clean your golf balls using hydrogen peroxide is the best way to clean golf balls. To wash your golf balls with hydrogen peroxide, first of all, soak your golf balls into a container with distilled water to remove extra dirt from the surface of the golf balls.

Then make a cleaning solution to give your golf balls a perfect cleaning. Just take 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with 1 cup of distilled water, and your cleaning solution is ready.

If you want, you can add ½ cup vinegar or two tablespoon baking soda with the hydrogen solution, but it is not necessary. Take the hydrogen solution in a container or a bucket; soak your golf ball into the solution for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then rub your golf balls with a brush and rinse with distilled water and your cleaning done. Take a dry towel and wipe up the extra water and let your balls air dry.

Final Verdict:

This article is about how to clean golf balls properly and helpful for all golfers. The above cleaning process of the golf balls indeed will help you a lot to know about the best way to clean golf balls.

Thus you can recycle golf balls easily that are very old and useless. Since most of the materials required for cleaning are more or less already available in your home. If not at home, they can be very quickly purchased at your neighborhood hardware store.

Once cleaned, the golf ball will be much lighter and brighter too. The clean, shiny, and bright ball now will be easily visible from a distance. Due to the fresh texture, its performance will be much better and will allow you to have an excellent and trouble-free game.

So, enjoy your next round of golf with clean, spotless, aesthetically pleasing, and functional golf balls and definitely with better scores than before.

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