Top 10 Best Golf Towels – Reviews and Recommendations

Top 10 Best Golf Towels: Reviews And Recommendations

                 Are you getting ready for your next golf tour 

and packing up your GOLF-TOOLKITS?

Then do not forget to pack some best golf towels along with all other accessories.

Golf towels are essential for every golfer as this piece of fabric impacts a lot to refresh the golfers’ mood during the golf round.

A great golf towel can serve you by:

  • Cleaning your golf balls and golf clubs
  • Drying your hands, face, and body
  • Offering some protection from the sun when draped over your head

Thus a golf towel serves for many purposes; it helps to clean dirt from golf balls and helps to keep the player’s hands tidy, to keep your clubs clean and dry, etc.

It is natural that not having a towel can make you feel discomfort and can make your scores miserable. On the other hand, having a towel will keep you comfortable and will help you to play a successful shot. 

Before buying your golf towels, you should remember some essential facts about golf towels to select the best golf towels for your comfortable golf tour. Such as you should know the following things:

1. Use of Golf Towels:

Golf towels are being used for absorbing moisture and drying objects like your hands, clubs, balls, etc. Towels are especially helpful when the green is wet from rain or a dewy morning. 

It is essential to have a clean, dry golf club and your golf ball when golfing. The dirty and wet golf balls can affect their accuracy, spin, and loft, resulting in inaccurate shots.

Having the best golf towel will enable you to keep your golf club clean and dry. A clean and dry golf club will help you to maintain your grip. That means you will be able to manage your accuracy and precision. 

Thus your towels will help you to ensure an overall better score. Your golf towel can protect you in different weather conditions. You can wrap your golf towel around your neck to protect you from heat and sunburn.

These towels are useful during the rainy season too. When it’s raining, a towel can be placed over your head to keep water out of your eyes.

2. Difference between a Golf Towel and a Hand Towel:

A regular hand or bath towel and a golf towel are not the same. Though both are being used in the same purpose to dry and clean, their functions and materials are different.

Bath towels are woven pieces of fabric; these are either cotton or cotton-polyester and are being used to dry and to absorb moisture on the body after a bath taking.

On the other hand, the best golf towels are made of microfiber with a towel-clip to attach to your golf bag; and a distinctive groove cleaner attached at the bottom of the towels.

With the help of this towel clip, the golf towel can be conveniently attached and detached when you need to use, change, and wash it. Also, remember that player towels and golf towels are not the same.

3. Materials Used In Golf Towels:

The elements can affect a lot to the overall comfort and effectiveness of the towel that you are using. 

There are two most common materials for golf towels are cotton and microfiber, but another type is a plush fabric towel that is less common than the other two types of golf towels.

Microfiber towels are an excellent option for cleaning and drying gear. This type of cloth is excellent for absorbing water, but it is not for cleaning mud and dirt. 

Microfiber towels are the most popular because these are lightweight, easy to clean, and these are machine washable. Cotton towels are also popular because these are soft on the skin and typically are used for personal use.

Pima Cotton is another type that is sturdy and long-lasting. It will not easily break or rip. That means it will not have to be replaced frequently.

The plush fabric attracts dirt. It is also soft on your equipment and super absorbent.

4. Number of Towels You should keep in Your Golf Bag:

You should keep at least two or three golf towels in your golf bag always. You will need one towel for drying your equipment and another towel for cleaning dirt and mud off from your golf clubs.

Another third towel can be used to protect you from the weather that is optional. It is better to keep one backup towel too.

5. How to Take-Care of Your Golf Towels:

It is essential to notice that with which materials your towel is made from. Some materials are machine washable but can’t be put in a dryer. The standard microfiber golf towels can be put in both the washer and dryer.

It is essential to use a mild setting when washing your towels. You can also use a gentle fabric softener on your microfiber towel. Your towel should be washed after every single match.

6. When You Should Replace Your Golf Towels:

To determine how often you will replace your golf towel, you should use your own judgment. If you think your towel is in good condition and it still does a good job, then you can keep it. 

If your golf towel looks like it is in bad shape and it is not working well, then it is time to take another one. Never use very old towels that can damage your golf balls and clubs.

7. Prices and Trends:

You can find golf towels at a variety of prices. Always try to pick a quality towel that will last a long time and will meet your needs. The Nike 14 x 14 Microfiber towel is currently trending.

It is lightweight but durable, and it will not damage the finish on your clubs.

Greenside by G-Towel is also trending. This towel has a snap attachment, so you can easily attach it to your bag or cart. If you like discounted towels, you can prefer a Burberry golf towel or Lacoste.

Also, you can go to famous golf brands such as Callaway, TaylorMade, or Titleist if you want.8. Size:

There are different sizes of golf towels available in the market. The smaller towels can be used to clean golf balls, while more extensive options are suitable for keeping you dry.

Moreover, it depends on the weather condition which towel you will need. So it is better to keep different sizes of towels at a time with you.

9. Durability:

Before you buy your towels, you should notice that they are durable or not. Otherwise, you have to change your towels again and again. So see the durability is essential. Hence you can buy branded towels with a warranty according to your needs.

10. Colors:

Beautiful colors can make you feel fresh; it also indicates your personality and choice. So selecting a beautiful colored golf towel is essential as you may use this product several times.

If the color is very light, it will look dirty quickly and will require extra care, but these will help you to feel comfort in mind. Bright colors are also right. 

The fact is that they do not need extra attention like the light-colored one. You should choose the color as you like because your taste and mood are associated with the selection.

11. Clip or hook attached:

A high-quality clip is essential that works with your needs will make using the towel more convenient. Traditional clips can be attached to different types of objects.

Whether it is your golf bag or on the back of the golf cart, it should be easy to operate with one swift motion. The clips that require extra steps to disengage are too much of a hassle. 

Swivel clips are also available. They don’t need to unclip the towel. The towel stays attached to the clip and retracts to its original position when its use is done.

Top 10 Best Golf Towels Review

1. Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel of 16″ x 24″ – 3 Pack Review:

The Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel is an excellent one with a magnetic attachment or snaps attachment, and the price is quite reasonable.

With the magnetic attachment, you can pick it up off the ground with your putter or one of your wedges easily. It will easily be attached to metal objects of your golf bag or cart.

You can choose the other option, too, that has a simple snap button that can be attached to anything easily.

This towel is very absorbent and has a microfiber waffle weave material that cleans and dries all your gear in seconds.


  • Easy snap attachment
  • Absorbent material
  • Microfiber material
  • Waffle Weave


  • Properly designed golf towel.
  • Super cleaning ability thanks to 400 grams per square meter.
  • Microfiber weave design.
  • Three towels in one.
  • There are snap two towels together to make a larger towel.


  • The magnetic attachment may not stay connected to your bag tightly.
  • Some people feel the 24-inch length is too long.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Microfiber Towel Review:

This towel is an extra-large at 30 inches by 20 inches; it has a woven-loop that can be quickly attached to any golf bag easily.

This towel is made of soft and absorbent microfiber and has designed to keep your gear clean and dry, whether it is a golf club or golf ball.


  • Extra-large in size (30” x 20”)
  • Woven loop attachment
  • Soft
  • Absorbent
  • Made of microfiber


  • Soft and absorbent as it is made of microfiber.
  • Extra-large at 30 inches by 20 inches, making it very versatile.
  • Woven loop attachment will easily fit any b


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Some people might find the towel is too big.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

3. Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel Review:

The Frogger Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel is an excellent towel, which is 2 in 1. Its inner layer is wet to clean your club heads, while the outside is where you to dry them. The inside is made of 100 percent polyester and the outside 100 percent cotton.

When it’s raining outside, the towel gets reversed. The interior remains dry for your hands and grips, while the exterior becomes the washer of your clubs and balls.

The towel is 28 inches by 14 inches in size and has a waterproof membrane that helps to separate the inner and outer portions. It can be attached easily to all golf bags with the help of its carabiner clip.


  • Convenient wet and dry layers.
  • Separate fabric for the inner and outer segments (100%polyester for inner and 100% cotton for the exterior).
  • Carabiner clip attached.
  • Waterproof membrane to keep separate the inner and outer portion.


  • The inner layer is wet of the towel to clean your clubs, then dry them on the outside.
  • When it’s raining, the inside remains dry for hands and grips, and the outside cleans club heads and balls.
  • Its waterproof interior membrane keeps wet and dry sections separate.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Some users felt the towel is heavy.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

4. Frogger Golf Microfiber Waffle TRAX Towel with Bag Latch-It Review:

The Frogger Trax Towel is a Premium microfiber golf towel with Catch Latch technology. It is 20 x 24″ in size, and it is an ideal size for using from bag to green.

The towel is non-abrasive, highly absorbent with polyester material. It is secure and convenient for use.

The towel has a smooth connection, and access Bag Latch-It receiver clamp to attach the towel to the top of your golf bag magnets in dongle and receiver attract and self-align to your bag Receiver. 

This TRAX towel has a dynamic lock to keep your product secure while in motion. This towel is efficient to clean clubs and safe to use on glasses.


  • Fabric is a mixture of 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
  • Imported Product
  • Premium microfiber golf towel is non-abrasive
  • Ultra absorbent quality
  • Trax Waffle design with iconic frogger stripes helps to clean clubs fast
  • Includes bag latch-it part powered by catch-latch magnetic Fastening technology, the ultimate in secure Convenience
  • Latch-it magnets in dongle and receiver attract and self-aligning to Connect with the golf bag
  • Easy Attach and Detach system


  • Premium Microfiber golf towel;
  • Catch Latch technology;
  • The ideal size of 20 by 24 inches;
  • Absorbent polyester material;
  • Dynamic lock system;6.Secure and convenient for using;
  • Great Functionality;
  • Delicate fabric with good feeling;
  • Good looking with two colors, Lime-Green and Black.


  • The magnetic catch latch system should be a little bit firmer

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

5. Haphealgolf Golf Towel 16″ x 21″ Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle with Carabiner Clip Review:

The Haphealgolf Golf Towel is a popular one made of microfiber. The microfiber towel has a better ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, grass than other towels because the microfiber towel’s special eight cross-sections that can be more effective to capture as little as a few microns of dust particles too.

It uses a particular waffle groove pattern to trap and absorb water droplets. So this towel has better water absorption and fast drying quality than other towels.

This towel was made for dry or damp use to wipe down all golf equipment. Complete with sewn side hems and a carabiner clip for attaching to your golf or duffel bag.

You can easily clean the towel by using only water and a little detergent. This towel is Lightweight, Lint-free, and easy to carry.

It is soft, and it has good hand-feeling. This towel is durable with a delicate edge and dense stitch that can be used for a long time. Besides, there is a 30 Days Unconditional Refund policy, so that you can purchase easily.


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Size is 16″ x21″
  • Soft-touch and good hand feeling;
  • Easy to wash and dry;
  • Super absorbent and Lint-free;
  • Delicate edge and dense stitch, durable;
  • Eight special cross-sections;
  • Carabiner clip for better attachment;
  • Thirty days unconditional refund policy.


  • Microfiber towel with eight special cross-sections;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Soft and delicate;
  • Durable;
  • Carabiner clip attached;
  • Easy to wash and dry;
  • 30 Days Unconditional Refund Policy.;


  • Not enough large in size.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

6. Greens Towel Microfiber (3 Pack), of 16″ X 16″ with Carabiner Clip. The Convenient Golf Towel Review:

The Green’s Microfiber Golf Towel is a fantastic towel come in a 3-pack. It is made of soft microfiber; the towels are designed to be very absorbent to keep dry and to clean all your clubs and golf balls.

Its size is 16″ x 16″, a perfect one to keep in your back pocket. There is a plastic carabiner clip, as you can attach the towel easily to your golf bag, belt loop, and your pushcart.

Its super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarns to get into golf ball the dimples and club grooves smoothly. Durable fabric cleans fast, deleting caked dirt.

 Fast-drying anti-microbial microfiber reduces mildew odor too. In addition, you are getting the towels in your choice of 12 nice and vibrant colors.


  • Convenient Microfiber Golf Towel
  • A perfect size of 16″ x 16″ to keep in your back pocket.
  • Value 3 Pack – at an amazingly low price.
  • Now available in 12 popular vibrant colors.
  • EASY-TO-USE CARABINER CLIP – Clips to your golf bag, clips to your belt loop, clips to your pushcart.
  • Amazing Cleaning Results
  • Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarns to get into golf ball the dimples and club grooves.
  • Durable fabric cleans fast, deleting caked dirt.
  • Fast-drying anti-microbial microfiber reduces mildew odor.


  • Convenient Golf Towel;
  • Easy to use as with Carabiner clip;
  • Amazing cleaning results;
  • Lightweight;
  • Super absorbent quality;
  • Durable;
  • Dry fast quality;
  • Anti-microbial microfiber reduces odor;
  • Perfect size of 16″ x16″;
  • Value 3-pack at an amazing low price;
  • 12 vibrant colors


  • Microfiber fabric attracts things like an adhesive.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

7. Titleist Dri Hood Towel, Black, Standard Review:

The Titleist Dri Hood Towel is constructed of non-abrasive polyester and 100% cotton towel. The towel has a super-absorbent quality.

One Side of towel is Titleist Scrip logo in White and in Other Side: Customer Logo. It has a hoop, and the logo goes in the center of the towel.


  • Efficient for all weather conditions;
  • Integrated proprietary design;
  • Dimension: 15.5* 12* 2″ inches;
  • Stitched loop for easy hanging;
  • Resistant to mould and mildew;
  • Highly absorbent material design;


  • Can be used for all weather conditions
  • Dimensions- 15.5 x 12 x 2 inches
  • Mould and mildew resistant;
  • Highly absorbent;
  • Stitched loop for easy hanging;
  • Durable;
  • The towel cleans without a scratch.


  • No clip for attachment.
  • A little bit expensive.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

8. TaylorMade Microfiber Cart Towel (Gray); Review:

TaylorMade Microfiber Cart Towel is a super golf towel. This is a soft, super-absorbent towel with a waffle-weave construction that easily cleans your club without harming the finish.

There is a nylon webbing bag loop that will help you to fix the towel securely to your golf bag or your cart for easy access during your golf round.

 It has a contrasting color with embroidery and piping along the perimeter deliver has added style and quality to the super golf towel.


  • Its soft and absorbent waffle-weave construction cleans your club without damaging finish;
  • Nylon webbing bag loop allows you to fix towel to your bag or cart easily;
  • Color-contrasting towel;
  • A super embroidery golf towel to add style;
  • Constructed of 85% polyester, 15% polyamide fabric;
  • Measures approximately 15″ x 24″.


  • Soft
  • Absorbent
  • Nylon webbing bag loop to fix towel easily
  • Nice embroidery golf towel
  • Stylish
  • Convenient measurement 15″ x24″
  • Easy to wash


  • It takes time to get dry.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

9. Fireball Golf Towel Gifts and Accessories Set Review:

Fireball Golf Towel is a super deluxe golf accessory. This towel includes three jumbo size and professional three unique, eye-catching colors. It is a microfiber golf towel.

This towel is a luxurious golf club cleaning brush tool with a golf groove cleaner attachment. It is a durable towel with waffle weave design. There is a carabiner clip for golf bag storage too.

This golf towel includes a divot repair tool with a high definition glossy golf ball marker displaying the Fireballs Golf logo. There is a magnetic connection to the divot tool for easy use.  


  • Amazing microfiber golf towel;
  • Professional jumbo size;
  • Eye-catching colors;
  • Durable golf towel with waffle weave design;
  • Includes matching golf accessory cleaning brush tool – oversize
  • cleaning brush for golf clubs, includes groove cleaner attachment, and a carabiner clip for golf bag storage;
  • Fireball Golf ball marker included with divot tool and a magnetic connection to divot tool for easy use.


  • Microfiber golf towel;
  • Professional jumbo size;
  • Durable;
  • Waffle weave design;
  • Matching golf accessory cleaning brush tool along with groove cleaner attachment
  • Carabiner clip for easy attach;
  • Divot tool with magnetic connection;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Some users think it is an over-size golf towel.

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

10. Center Cut Microfiber Golf Towel of 16 “x40” (Beige) Review:

This Center Cut G-Towel is the ultimate microfiber golf towel. It is a durable golf towel and 16 “x40” in size. This towel added center hole cut encloses easily over your bag and clubs for easy access from all sides. 

It is lightweight (6 ounces only when dry). If you are taking

 a cart with you, it will be easy to remove and

 to carry with you to the green.

Its waffle weave microfiber fabric is extremely absorbent and has a great cleaning ability. 

You can get wet one-third of the towel for cleaning club heads and your balls, and you can use the dry side for cleaning or drying your hands and grips..  


  • Simple design;
  • Dimensions-The 16 “x40” with a center hole cut;
  • Its microfiber waffle weave material is super absorbent and extremely effective at cleaning grips, grooves, and club heads;
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing in at 6 ounces (when dry);
  • Durable;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you are not satisfied with your G-Towel golf towel, then you can replace it or can take a full refund.Pros:


  • 1. The center cut design allows you easy access to your clubs if it’s draped over your golf bag
  • Its microfiber waffle weave material is very absorbent and effective at cleaning
  • Light-weight
  • Simple and fashionable
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee– with a replacement or a full refund policy.


  • This towel doesn’t have any clip or loop to attach to a bag.
  • Some people might not like the long-length (40 inches).

To buy this towel go to: Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

Question: Why are Microfiber Golf Towels so popular?

Answer: Microfiber golf towels are the most popular golf towels because these towels are super absorbent, durable, these towels are easy to wash and machine washable. These towels are lightweight, clean the golf equipment very well, and get dry easily.


Question: How do you measure the absorbency rate?

Answer: The rate of absorbency is measured according to the percentage of the size of a towel, either per square foot or per square meter. For example, if a towel has a high rate of 500 grams per square meter, it will state that the towel has 500% absorbent power in comparison to the weight of the cloth.Usually, the higher the percentage of the size of the cloth, the better is its absorbency power.


Question: Does the plastic hook last long?

Answer: A metal hook is definitely more durable than a plastic hook.


Question: What is the difference between golf towels and the bath towels?

Answer: Bath towels are woven pieces of fabric that are either cotton or cotton-polyester that are used to dry and absorb moisture on the body after taking a bath.

On the other hand, the golf towels are made for cleaning golf equipment like golf balls, clubs, and other materials. 

The most of the golf towels are made of microfiber that has a towel clip to attach and detach the towel after use to your golf bag and a distinctive groove cleaner attached at the bottom of the towel. These towels are lightweight; they are also easy to wash and dry.


Final Verdict:

Your golf towels are a great addition to your GOLFTOLKITS. These towels can help you a lot to keep your mood refresh and your gear protected while you are improving your performance and comfort. With the best quality towel on hand, you’ll feel confident and active yourself.

You will think that you are ready to deal with your golf course even better than your previous golf rounds. So it is time to collect some quality golf towels and run for your next golf courses, according to your need and choice.

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