Best Golf Hats For Big Heads

The Best Golf Hats For Big Heads: Reviews Of Best Golfer Hats

I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for, getting paid for doing what you love.-Tiger Woods

As a golf lover, you must have a quest for the best golf hats for big heads. Actually, some crucial facts play as the catalyzer for amassing a hat. You know what; a golfer should equip himself with some essential tools. For instance, we can name clubs, hats, and many more things.

Now, the question comes how the golf hats help a player in this case. Truly saying, it protects the face of the golfer from direct sunlight. Besides, the wind or any other thing can obstacle their target in any manner. For obvious reasons, we should deliver some score to the hats because of comfort-providing capabilities.

But, the all sort of fact is not in our hand. You know what; the market may contain a huge variation of hats, all of them are not perfectly usable. Thus, finding the best hat is a challenge. In the following lines, we will enlighten you by discussing few suitable hats.

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Types Of Golf Hats Available In The Market

Before marching to the next stages, we must acquire some ideas on the type of golf hats. Actually, it will help us to determine which hat will be suitable. In this way, it will be relatively fruitful to have a hat. For meeting our needs, the market contains three types of golf hats. Let’s have a glimpse at the brief discussion about those hats.

Classic Hat:

Among other golf hats, this is quite inexpensive and traditional. Actually, how we usually perceive a hat, this golf hat is totally like that kind. Here, you will find that it is a round shape that having a rigid peak on the front side. Plus, the upper side of this hat is soft. Above all, the material is the prime thing that really matters.

Golf Visor:

You may not consider it as the complete cap. It is because, on the upper side of this cap, you will find a big hole. Actually, it is for ventilation and comfort. But, it cannot protect your scalp from the heat of direct sunlight. Instead, this hat contains a brim and an edgy strap which encircles your forehead and head. Its visor protects your eyes from wind and sunlight. 

Bucket Hat:

In the end, we amass another type of golf hat. In fact, this hat is familiar as a bucket hat because of its shape and look. A golfer usually finds a different price range of this hat depending on its quality. Here, its shape round having a circled whet that slopes downward. You know what; it may be poor in the ventilation system but high in sun protection.

Here I describe Eight Best Golf Hats for Big Heads of All time

In the above lines, we stated that the market is fraught with a massive amount of golf hats. Actually, an adequate number of brands are producing extra-large golf hats for golfers. But, the exigent question is whether all of them really maintain the premium quality. Truly saying, every hat does not meet the standard level. In this case, to feed your quest, we have explored the market intensively.

Thus, we have enlisted eight hats that are mostly compatible and suitable for any golfer. Let’s follow the lines below to observe the elaborate discussion on them.

1. Columbia Bora Bora Review

At first, we will start the journey with an excellent unisex adult bora bora booney cap. Actually, it is a bucket-type cap that fits with any head size. Before going any further discussion, we need to draw your attention to its protective capabilities. You know what; its Omni-shade will protect you from hazardous rays. In this way, you will be safe from sunburns and skin damage.

On the other hand, the manufacture has included a toggle to adjust it based on the head size. Besides, the Titleist golf hats will keep your heal cool because of having Omni-wick. You will have great amusement with its stylish looks, color, and design.

The manufacturer has made it with hazardous rays absorbing yarns.You may accept a little high cost in comparison with other golf hats while purchasing them.
It will serve you long because of its long last build-up.
A golfer will have a lot of color options to choose from among them.
This golf hat has amassed the facility to evaporate the moisture quickly.

2. Best Hats for Sun Protection Hats for Women Reviews

At this time, we have appeared here to review the best women’s golf hats for sun protection. As per our perception, women usually prefer a stylish look along with protection. Here, this cap has come to sever all of these requirements. The material of this cap is a mixture of cotton and Polyester. Therefore, the quality and durability are beyond any question.

However, this ponytail cap can appear as a visor only to the ladies. It is because; it has got a zip-closure part on the upper side. So, it is a twin in one usable cap, actually. Besides, the cap is packable and crushable. For this reason, ladies can carry it in their purses easily.

You can use this hat as a visor as well as a sun-protective cap.This cap is only usable and compatible with female golfer only.
This cap is an easy travel pack because of its packable feature. 
The price of this hat is next to your affordability.
It has got lightweight, fashionable, and colorful designs.


3. Cooling Bucket Hat- UPF 50, 3” Review

If the golfers are looking for the best golf hats for big heads, we will suggest them. Here, the prime feature of this model is instant cooling. The manufacturer of this hat has used UPF 50 grade fabric. For this reason, the hats protect the face from devastating rays. Besides, this fabric has got a special facility to get dry quickly.

Moreover, you can clean this hat very easily. For this, you can go for hand wash. But, the most amazing thing is that it is machine washable. Therefore, you will not have any headaches regarding its wash. Plus, it has got a soft structure, elastic cord strap, and many more things. All of the features are to deliver high-quality facilities. 

This golf hat takes not much toil to wash because of
the machine-washable structure. 
Its design is a little old-fashioned.
It has got a wide brim to protect the face from direct sunlight.
The body structure of this model is very soft and foldable to carry smoothly.
You will get it in several sizes to fit with your head size.

4. UNDER ARMUOR Caps Men’s Reviews

At this time, we have conveyed a cap from a classical baseball hat variation. Truly saying, the magic of this cap is the existence of huge color formation. Form those color options you choose based on your wish. Here, the cap is machine washable. That means the fabric is totally durable and robust. Besides, this armor cap is relatively comfortable as well.

Above all, both males and females can wear this cap while playing golf. Here, the manufacture has included a pre-curved visor. Plus, the front panel has come with a solid downward fit. For this reason, you will get maximum protection from sunburn. Thus, your hard-earned money will amass the most welcoming value from this hat.

Its fabrics have got a mixture of Polyester and Elastin.It absorbs little heat while wearing this cap for a long.
The manufacturer has enriched it with UA classic features.
You will find a sweatband along with this classic hat.
It amasses padding on the front panel will add smoothness and comfort for the golfer.

Best Golf Hats For Big Heads

5. FLEXFIT Men’s Athletic Fitted Cap Review

Firstly, we must appreciate its stretch closure which enables its fittings greatly. The manufacturer has put the sign of their intelligence and capacities in every portion of this cap. You know what; this cap has a long range of color options. Besides, its six-panel textures will ensure its long-lasting workability. Plus, wool on the middle exists for coziness.

Here, you can choose any of these hats without worrying about their sizes. It is because; its stretch band will facilitate you to match with any measurement. Most importantly, we must state that this cap can be compatible with almost all kinds of sports. As the top model, this golf hat can deliver quality performance to the golfer.

The stretch band makes it fit for all head sizes.It is not machine washable, and you have to wash it by using your hands only.
It has got buckram on its front side to provide a solid structure.
The manufacturer has set a silver lining in its visor to make it more stylish.
The price of this golfer hat will not cost you that much in comparison with other caps.

6. Best Hat Sweat Liner Prevents Stains & Odor Review

Most amazingly, we have explored golf hats for men who reduce sweat accurately. Here, all of the efforts of the manufacturer come for making it, particularly in this matter. That is why; this hat has become the official accessories for PGA. Actually, the sweat-lock technology is the most attractive and effective part of this golf hat.

On the other hand, this golf hat usually includes several eye-catching features as well. For instance, we can name cap protect, soft liner, cooling towel effect, and many more things. Besides, it has acquired a cooling effect and accurate evaporation module.

Its stiff peak usually projects from the front side.This golfer hat is only suitable for the male.
This golfer will prevent the head’s sweat from getting down through the face.
It is one of the best hat sweat liner and prevent odor.
The manufacturer has used such material which will prevent odors.

7. Adidas Men’s SUPERLITE Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap Review

A golfer hat from the world’s most renowned brand has taken place on our list. You know what; this model means Adidas Men’s SUPERLITE Relaxed Adjustable Performance Cap is the perfect combination of Polyester and Spandex. Thus, it amasses huge strong body build-up. If you are keen to grab the best golf hats for big heads, it must be on your choice list. It is because; the manufacturer has adorned it with the handiest features.

Here, Adidas has claimed it to be an eco-friendly product. In fact, all the elements of it have come from the recycling process. Plus, the workability of it is just fantastic. Actually, it has acquired hook and loop for closure purposes.  Above all, this brand has a promise since their starting days that they will always stand for the best quality.

This golf hat has included mesh which ensures the great flow of air.The absorbent ability of this cap is a little weak.
You will find it with six panels in a solid structural formation.
Its hook and loop are modifiable to adjust the closure based on your need.
This cap will protect you from harmful rays.


Most amazingly, we have amassed another model from the FLEXFIT. In fact, the prime aim of the manufacturer regarding this cap is to ensure perfect airflow. That is why; you will see a mesh vent on both sides of this cap. Here, it includes breathable mesh. Besides, it has got signatures sweatband from this brand.

The uniqueness of this golf hat is its water-resistant feature. Therefore, it takes a long time to declare the end of the service. Plus, the front visor of this cap has got solid panel. In every way, it will serve and protect you greatly. Therefore, you will have utmost satisfaction by choosing this golf hat while playing golf.

You will find this cap relatively easy to wash.You cannot modify its backstrap as per your expectation.
The manufacture has enriched it with a matching visor.
You will amass perfect airflow because of the air mesh.
It is heavily water-resistant and long-lasting.

Differences between Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney and MISSION Cooling Bucket Hat are given below:

Columbia Unisex Adult Bora BoraMISSION Cooling Bucket Hat
100 percent nylon100 percent polyester
Comparatively HavierLightweight
One sizeVarious size
Hand WashMachine Wash
29.12 Dollar19.88 Dollar


1. What Hat to Wear If You Have a Big Head?

Answer: Actually, it entirely relies on individual preference. You know what; if you have a big head, you can wear any golf according to your choice. Here, whatever you prefer, you can wear hats for big heads without confronting any hesitation.

2. Can I Wear A Bucket Hat To Golf?

Answer: Most importantly, you must note in mind that any kind of hat is perfectly wearable while playing golf. But, we want to add a suggestion here. Truly saying, a professional golfer chooses his hat considering the ray protection and comfort. In this case, a bucket hat will be the best golf hat for hot weather. Therefore, you may go for a bucket hat on hot summer days.

3. What Should Be the Most Suitable Color of Hat for Sun Protection?

Answer: If you are keen to have a golf hat, particularly for sun protection, then you should go for light colors. Here, a fact is most exigent to consider seriously. You know what; the darker colors absorb heat more than the brighter color. Conversely, the lighter color deflects the heat and protects your body. Therefore, your golf hat should come with this type of color.


Finally, we confidently hope that your tour in searching for the best golf hats for big heads ends here with satisfaction. In this case, your test is the utmost decider. But, we can clearly state that the above products can be your desired stuff. It is because; all of them are suitable and perfectly workable.

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