Best Golf Ball for seniors: a Complete Buying Guide

The Best Golf Ball For Seniors: A Complete Buying Guide


Do you want the best golf ball for seniors? Our expert is reviewing the best golf ball for seniors. This guide can help you, for sure.

It is true that if you have a passion for playing golf, age cannot stop you. To play your round outstandingly, first, you should choose the best golf ball for you.

The best golf ball for seniors do vary in spin rates, compression, factors, and internal material design. Generally, senior players will get benefits with the balls, which help to improve distance at slower driver swing speed and will provide a softer feeling.

Evaluation of a golf ball

Before purchasing your golf ball, you should consider the following things-

1. Spin

There are three types of spinning golf balls, low-spin, mid-spin, and high-spin. These three types of spinning qualities help to sort out the best golf ball for seniors, such as follows-

Low-spin Golf Balls 

Low- spin golf balls are a better option for the players who want to minimize backspin. Shedding backspin can help the players to lead their shots for a more extended flight and to roll more and more with a little driving. 

Mid-spin Golf Balls 

Mid-spin golf balls offer the most stable flight for distance and control. It is a very suitable ball for handicap players. This ball helps the players to shoot better scores without making the best swing each time. The players can quickly get great distance and softer feeling without much effort.

High-spin Golf Balls 

High-spin golf balls are suitable for all-senior, junior, and handicap golfers. Players can get benefit from the added lift and straighter ball flights, which are common in higher spinning golf balls.

High-spin golf balls are helpful to the players who want to increase, carry distance at slower swing speed. These balls are also great for expert golfers who struggle with overdraw and hook. 


It is prevalent that the swing speed of a golfer tends to drop with time. So the senior golfers need a little support from their equipment to reach their balls to the green.

Nowadays, many golf balls provide such a compression 

level that helps to increase the distance, and senior 

golfers can hit the ball quickly.

The senior golfers can take a step for switching to top tees and more flexible shafts, but choosing a ball that will give them enough distance is much comfortable. 


We all want to save money. So, as a senior golfer, you must wish to a ball that will last for a few rounds. So you should keep in mind the durability of the golf ball which you are going to buy. 

If you hit the ball a little thin, then its cover will get damage. So you should notice that the balls have more extended durability at least for a whole round if you will get more than that out of it, even better! 

There are many balls in the market today which have much durability than the older one. Though we want to use a ball for multiple rounds, some manufacturers are focusing on creating the softest balls. So try to buy best golf ball for seniors with more extended durability.


Visibility is another essential quality of the best golf ball for seniors. This quality includes the marking of the ball and its luminosity during the course.

The senior golfers whose eyesight is not enough to follow the ball in the rough can use bright yellow and green color balls to find their ball quickly in the rough.

The alignment aids on the ball should be visible while you are standing over a putt.Though we are sure that you can draw a line on the ball, some have excellent alignment aids built-in, which helps to reduce the need for a sharpie line.

This ball doesn’t have any distracting logos, which confuse the vision and distract focus.

5. Price 

Getting lost of the golf balls frequently is a common phenomenon of the game. So you should think about the high -price of the shots. While selecting your balls, you must think about its value.

The good value of a ball indicates its performance against its price. That is when a shot is cheap, but it performs poorly, it does not represent good value. You must choose a ball that will make the right balance between performance and price.

When a ball costs half as much as the regular price of the market and performs very well. Then you will get a good value of a shot.

6. Compression:

Compression is another essential quality of the best golf ball for seniors. The compression of a golf ball means, how much the ball changes shape at strike. The compression of golf balls is in three figures: 80, 90, and 100. These numbers indicate the amount of compression of golf balls.

80 is the lower compression of a golf ball that possesses a softcore for a spring-like effect that improves distance. This type of ball was designed for women, seniors, and juniors.

The 90 compressions are considered average or medium and are used for the majority of recreational golfers. The 100 compressions are considered as high; it is consist of a tighter, harder core than require a high-swing speed by advanced golfers.

Low compression balls tend to have straight direction and travel long distance on hits. So the smaller compression balls are the best for the senior golfers.

We should keep in mind that compression of a golf ball is related to the temperature of the environment. We all know that playing with a ball in winter will feel different in comparison to play with the same shot in summer in terms of the performance of the ball.

7. Size and Weight

The size and weight of a golf ball are significant to consider in case of best golf ball for seniors. Generally, golf balls are at least 1.68 inches in diameter. A smaller ball can fly further than a bigger ball if weight is equal because the lower ball is facing less wind resistance.

If the ball is more massive, that means it is less resistance to wind and may fly further. The experts of The United States Golf Association (USGA) claim that a ball should not weigh more than 1.62 oz.

8. Material:

The performance of a golf ball largely depends on the material from which it is made. The golf balls which are made from better materials can give you longer shots and better feel around your course.

Generally, balls that have a softer outer shell will give the player a great feel and distance. Don’t forget that the softer balls are less long-lasting than harder balls. So choose a ball made with better material for your better performance.

Generally, a 2-piece ball is made with a rubber, or synthetic rubber, core surrounded by a hard shell of plastic.

A 3-piece ball has a second layer of rubber, rubber string, or other softer material between the core and the shell. The 4-piece balls have an additional layer between the shell and the third layer.

3 and 4-piece balls are typically covered in urethane, which is softer than others. The biodegradable balls are made from corn polymers. These balls do dissolve in water and often used for golf practice areas on cruise ships.

For the senior golfers, 2-piece balls are better, but if you want more control and spin, then 3-piece balls will be the best golf ball for seniors. 

Top 10 best golf ball for seniors

1.MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed, Distance, Maximum Enjoyment

2.Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

3.Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls

4.Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation

5.Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

6.Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls (Newer Version)

7.ONCORE GOLF – ELIXR Tour Ball | High-Performance Golf Balls –      Unmatched Control, Distance, Feel and Performance

8.TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

9. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

10.Titleist AVX Golf Balls

1. MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed, Distance, Maximum Enjoyment Review:

MG Golf Balls are best golf ball for seniors. These are perfect for the senior golfers. These balls are in three colors available in the market- white, yellow, and pink. So you have an excellent chance to choose your favorite one.

MG Golf Balls are made for all who want to get greater distance at every shot. 

In general, senior golfers tend to have lower speeds, so it essential for them to choose such a ball that will give them long distances with less effort.

MG Golf Balls are made in purpose to reach the ball at long distance on every swing shot and drive.


  • Well balanced even in the long-distance shot.
  • Good for putting.
  • Very soft, with good, responsive feel, and sound.
  • The longest ball for the golfers whose drives are less than 250 yards.
  • Expected more distance.
  • USGA non-conforming.


  • Exclusive design
  • Soft and enjoyable
  • Excellent feeling and sound
  • Astonishing more distance
  • Solid putts
  • Available three colors- white, yellow, and for women lovely pink.


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not allowed for all tournaments

To buy this golf ball Amazon

2. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls Review:

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are another best golf ball for senior. It is  very popular nowadays. This supersoft golf ball has changed the way of playing for the golfers, especially, for the senior golfers.

This ball definitely will give you a super soft feeling, as its name suggests. It has a great soft feel while striking the club and a significant amount of bite on the second bounce.

Its flexible softcore has enabled to put it on a soft cover but still to achieve a super speed of the ball. It is a fantastic golf ball for the senior players, which offers them both a great feeling and incredible distance ability.


  • Callaway’s lowest compression golf ball, now with a new softer cover and enhanced aerodynamics
  • Low-drag HEX Aerodynamics lower spin rates to reduce drag and improve lift for added distance
  • More delicate Trionomer cover formulation to heighten shot-stopping spin and better feel
  • Ultra-low compression core of developing low spin for a more extended, straighter flight on full shots
  • 2-piece construction helps to maximize distance while enhancing feel and control
  • 12 pieces or one dozen Pack


  • Soft feel
  • Vibrant colors
  • Stylish look
  • Excellent distance
  • Excellent putting on the green
  • World-class material for its construction


  • Some golfers may feel too thin while playing

To buy this product go to Amazon

3. Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls Review:

The latest Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls are the most popular in the market. This ball was designed for low-handicap golfers who were looking for tour-proven tee-to-green performance along with exceptional feel.

This ball replaces the Tour B330S. With a softer urethane

 cover, the Tour B XS provides more spin and control 

around the green than the Tour B330S.

There is a modified 330 dimpled design that promotes improved aerodynamics for more distance. For faster ball speed, there is a continuous core that supports optimal energy transfer at strike.


  • Especially for low-handicap golfers
  • Redesigned 330 dimple pattern creates a more distance through improved aerodynamics
  • Seamless cover design and injection molding help promote consistent, stable ball flight
  • The gradational core of the provides optimal energy transfer for enhanced distance and reduced side spin
  • SlipRes cover helps to increase friction to create more spin on shorter shots
  • Color: White
  • Available in 12-Balls Pack


  • Awesome design and quality
  • The durable and long-lasting exterior part, provides extra distance and improved effectiveness
  • Presents premium quality with seamless cover
  • Ensures consistency of performance and flight
  • Superior extra spin
  • Greater resistance than before
  • Enhanced material and technology
  • Exceptional feel
  • Aerodynamic


  • Somewhat expensive

To buy this ball go to Amazon

4. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls (Prior Generation) Review:

The latest Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball dual soft-fast core beat ball for seniors. It was designed for Tour Proven performance with a different feel.

It has exceptional distance, more control into the green, and incredibly soft feel. 

Its 4-piece construction and dual soft-fast core provide high speed to the balls and optimal spin rates to maximize the performance of the golfers through the bag. It is a lovely golf ball though it does not last for long.


  • Low compression for an incredibly soft feel
  • Fastball speeds
  • Total performance through the bag
  • Dual soft-fast core
  • Mantle layer
  • Tour Urethane Cover
  • HEX Aerodynamic


  • Fast speed
  • Incredible soft feel
  • Low compression
  • Tour urethane cover for outstanding feel and control
  • HEX Aerodynamic to increase the distance
  • Mantle layer to provide spin
  • Suitable for mid to higher speeds


  • Not durable

To buy this ball go to Amazon

5. Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Review:

The Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls are amazing with long-distance and high short spin and control. These balls are also well known for their fantastic bold design.

The Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Ball is the best golf ball for seniors another option for the golfers who are looking for some more spin and feels around the greens than Callaway Golf Supersoft Balls.

It is similar to the great distance to the Supersoft balls, but its spin rates are incredibly higher than Supersoft balls.

These Superhot balls use a HEX Aerodynamic pattern to increase the distance. There is a 3-piece construction formula to heighten range without any loss of accuracy.

There is a great variety of colored matte finishes as- green, yellow, red, and orange. These are one of the softest balls from Callaway.


  • Superhot bold design
  • Available matte finish: Green, Yellow, Red, and orange
  • Incredible short game spin and control
  • Long-distance from Tee to green
  • HEX Aerodynamic pattern
  • 3-piece construction


  • Incredibly useful for extra distance
  • A very long flight and roll-out
  • Excellent feel from 3-piece construction
  • High level of short game control
  • Variety of color range and options


  • Little bit expensive
  • A soft ionomer is not as durable as Surlyn

To buy this ball go to Amazon

6. Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls (Newer Version) Review:

The Chromax Metallic M5 is a superb golf ball for the senior golfers. Its bright metallic colors help the senior golfers to see and find their golf balls easily even from a long haul.

This ball has enough durability and excellent long-distance because of its upgrade dimple design. It has enough visibility to help the senior golfers to overcome their dull eyesight.


  • The newest, metallic, high visibility golf balls with durable patented Surly coating
  • Reflective colors: gold, yellow, neon green, silver, pink, orange, blue or purple and select a few for a great golf gift for your favorite partner
  • Unique, vivid colors are easy to see, track and locate, in all light conditions, lowering scores and helping golfers with limited vision
  • Larger dimple pattern and specially blended core increases distance and control
  • All models and colors Conform to USGA and R&A Rules for tournament play


  • Longer durability
  • Vivid metallic reflecting colors
  • Higher visibility rate
  • Helps to achieve greater distance even around the greens
  • Larger dimple pattern
  • Longer lasting Surlyn cover


  • Because of its different colors might have a lack of accuracy.

To buy this ball go to Amazon

7. Oncore Golf The ELIXR PGA Tour Soft White Golf Balls Proximity Review:

The Oncore ELIXR PGA Tour Soft White Golf Ball is a unique kind of golf ball. It is one of the softest tour travel golf balls. It has a 3-piece construction which uses a polybutadiene rubber core.

The advantages of the ball are its continuous volume of pricing and the offering of color selection that make the visualization easier during the course.


  • Velocity: It has the highest initial velocity permitted by the USGA (99.84% of the allowable limit).
  • Control: It has perimeter weighting for the tightest shot dispersion off the Tee and on the fairway, outstanding backspin for great control around the green.
  • Distance: The highest initial Velocity of the ball combined with perimeter weighting for accuracy results in the most extended, straightest shots possible.
  • Spin: Its low driver spin and optimal launch angle yield extreme distance and control off the Tee. On the contrary, the desired mid to high spin rates allow for drop and stop performance with the scoring clubs.
  • Compression: An 85 compression rating paired with cast urethane cover to deliver a trampoline effect off the Tee with a great soft feel of the score.


  • Low compression
  • The longest distance
  • Great control
  • Outstanding backspin
  • The highest velocity
  • A tremendous soft feel


  • Less durability

To buy this ball go to Amazon

8. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls Review:

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls are very popular at present. These balls are very suitable for beginners.

The TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Ball features a three-layer design that includes Dual-Distance core and an LDP 322 seamless dimple pattern, which has added to increase driver and long iron distance during maintaining excellent greenside control and feel.


  • Softer feel
  • Tour technology
  • A three-layer design
  • A dual distance core
  • A new LDP™ 322 seamless aerodynamic dimple pattern


  • Feels soft
  • Less drag
  • Less spin
  • Long-distance
  • More speed
  • Dual distance core
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Longer durability
  • Good price value


  • Suitable for the beginners

To buy this ball go to Amazon

9. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls Review:

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls are excellent and ideal for all golfers- senior, novice, and intermediate. The latest version of the ball includes remarkable spin coating, low compression energetic gradient growth core, and the aerodynamic 338-speed dimple pattern.

All these super features make the ball beloved to all. You will get a great feel and more control over your hits. These balls are trendy to the senior golfers for their better control than having more ball spin.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • 338 Advanced Aerodynamic Dimple pattern
  • Urethane cover
  • Improved Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness
  • 2-piece construction ball
  • A perfect combination of the distance tee and spin control
  • Superior soft feel
  • Super visual performance of pure white and Tour yellow


  • Longer durability
  • Low compression
  • Great feel
  • Urethane cover
  • Gradient growth core
  • Better control
  • Maximum speed


  • Accuracy may not be trustworthy sometimes

To buy this ball go to Amazon

10. Titleist AVX Golf Balls Review:

The Titleist AVX is an excellent golf ball of low compression. It is very suitable for the golfers who want to hit a lower shot. It provides super scoring control, moderate distance, and feels.

This ball utilizes breakthrough core and aerodynamic cover technology. 

It is a moderate performance ball for the golfers who want distance and incredibly soft feel with low ball flight. You will get it available in the market in pure white and high optic yellow color.


  • Outstanding soft feel
  • Remarkable distance
  • Penetrating flight
  • Premium scoring control
  • Shallow long game and iron spin
  • The low compression core technology
  • Thermoset Urethane cover
  •  The high flex casing layer
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern


  • Soft feel
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Premium scoring control
  • Low compression
  • Low spin
  • Penetrating flight
  • Durable
  • Available in white and optic yellow


  • Does not give much spin around the greens

To buy this ball go to Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Why are the golf balls for seniors different from a regular one?

Answer: Golf balls for seniors are different from the regular golf balls because senior golfers are not as energetic as the young golfers.

So, the senior golfers need such golf balls, which are of low spin and of low compression. Thus the senior golfers can reach their balls at long distances with less effort and energy.

Question: Does the spin rates of a ball impact shots?

Answer: Yes, the spin rates of a golf ball impact shots a lot. Generally, a golf ball with high spin will not go too far as a regular one with hits, and it will demand more power and energy.

So, the senior golfers should choose golf balls with low spin and low compression to send their balls with less power and strength.

Question: What do the dimples of golf balls do?

Answer: Dimples are essential for a golf ball because dimples help the ball to go long distances and to reduce backspin. Thus dimples help to run a golf ball quickly and smoothly.

There are various types of golf balls in the market. So, choosing the best one is really a difficult task. A golf ball plays an important role in a good score.

Final Verdict:

Choosing the right ball is very important because it will make you look confident and you will feel comfortable. Before selecting your golf ball, you should notice its qualities and categories such as spin rates, compression, speed, cover, durability, dimples quality, etc. and of course, you will keep in mind your budget.


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