Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

The Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers: Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best fairway wood for high handicappers?

It will be helpful for to read this article before you buy the best fairway woods. Our experts have reviewed the Top 18 Best Fairway Woods for you, and there are some wow tips and directions on how to buy the best fairway wood for high handicappers.

For a beginner or a high handicapper, the best fairway wood will be one that will allow the golfer to make long-distance shots with ease.

We will take you through some vital information about them and highlight a few of the best fairway woods for high handicappers.Things to justify before buying a Fairway Wood as a high handicapper:

There are some essential aspects to consider when selecting the best fairway woods for high handicappers.

1. Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is necessary for high handicappers because they cannot strike the ball accurately all the time.

 Forgiveness means a reduce distance with some clubs. You will need to balance this distance while making your selection. 

A forgiving fairway wood will allow your off-center strikes to travel still a reasonable distance that will be comparatively straight.

2. Launch:

The launch is another essential issue that many beginners have a problem with. The best fairway woods for high handicappers have designed a low and back center of gravity (COG). If the launch is one of your problems, consider one optimized for a smooth launch.

The weight of the head will also impact the launch. The easiest one to launch will have the weight positioned in low and back in the head.

There are three types of launching wood, such as-

(a) Low Launching Wood:

Low launching fairway woods are preferred by low handicappers. It provides excellent control and accuracy and with more topspin and a soft landing.

(b) Mid Launching Wood:

This type of fairway wood is a very popular trajectory for the mid to lower handicapper who still wants distance but with a lower, more piercing trajectory to have control.

(c) High Launching Wood:

The average golfers can be benefited from a higher launch firstly, to get the ball up into the air, and secondly, to produce max, carry with low spin to mid-spin.

3. Reasonable Distance:

Without reasonable distance, all the forgiveness and ease of launch are worthless of your fairway wood. The fairway wood helps you to get close to the green during the long shots.

A good moment of inertia (MOI) and lower spin will allow you to maximize the distance even of a slower swing shot. It will improve accuracy and will give you a better distance on a mishit.

4. Adjustability:

Some fairway woods will allow you to adjust the loft and lie. A golfer needs to understand the adjustments thoroughly and should know when to use them.

Lie and loft are two things with which many high handicap golfers have difficulty. Every golfer has a unique swing style and speed control of his own. 

An adjustable hosel can allow you to adjust the fairway wood to work with your unique swing style. With the lie adjustment, you can control the shaft position at address. 

This will improve the lie for your swing and maximize the shot.

5. Club Head Size:

Clubhead size also can play an essential role. A bigger clubhead size will give you more confidence at address and will be more forgiving during a golf course.

6. Shaft: 

The selection of the shaft is also essential. Be sure that you are getting the correct length for your height. A lighter shaft will allow you to get faster clubhead speed to get a longer distance.

Flexor stiffness is another aspect. Often you will get a choice of flex shaft options. Slow swing – speed is a problem for many high handicappers, and they need more flex shaft. 

When your swing speed increases with time, you will need to go for a stiffer shaft. Essential things of a shaft are the length, the materials, and the stiffness:

a) Length:

Lower clubs, as with your irons, have fewer lofts and a longer shaft. This is to ensure higher clubhead speed to launch the ball and carry it a reasonable distance.

Most of the fairway woods have more lofts and therefore have a shorter shaft.

b) Materials used:

The most common material for making shaft is stainless steel, as it is durable and affordable. Graphite shafts are much lighter and allow for a range of flex options.

Other materials are durable and relatively light titanium or versatile multi-metal composites. Graphite shafts are popular in modern fairway wood and other clubs.

The fundamental lightweight nature of titanium makes it a useful metal for the best fairway woods for high handicappers.

There are a few composite fairway kinds of wood creeping onto the market too. Such as carbon is used on the crown or rear of the clubhead, allowing manufacturers to reduce the weight of the head to get lower and perimeter of weight.

It makes the club more forgiving and at a cost that is less than titanium. Heavier materials are also used, such as tungsten, to position weight towards the perimeter of the head to increase forgiveness.

c) Stiffness:

High handicap golfers generally have a slower swing speed, and they would get benefit from a shaft with a fair amount of flex. When you have a high swing speed, then you would like to look for a stiffer shaft.

7. Spin:

It is common that different golfers will create different types of launches and will produce various amount of backspin during their shots.

In the case of a fairway wood, everyone will not want low spin or high launch; it depends on the player and what kind of ball flight each golfer is using for their shots.

8. Durability:

Golf clubs are getting expensive day by day. So when you are paying that much for a golf club, you will want it to last for a time.

Durability is reflected in the craftsmanship and the building quality. A club should be well-made to last for several years, at least. So look for a durable fairway wood. Durability is one the buying quality of the best fairway wood for high handicappers.

9. Desirability:

A desirable club will have some features that you may not find in other fairway woods, and it will retain its value better if you ever try to re-sell it.

More recognized brands will be more desirable for many good reasons. Every year they are trying best to research and to develop their product with update technologies. So notice the desirability of the chosen product in the market.

10. Price Value:

Generally, if a fairway wood costs twice as much as the one next to it, it should hit twice as far and twice as straight, as we hope, but of course, that’s not the case in reality.

One club might increase a few more yards out of a medium swing than another, but if it costs extremely high, then it will not be worth the extra bucks. 

That is, you will try to get a fairway wood that will provide you more facilities but at a cheap rate.

11. Look:

While performance is most important, you want the best fairway woods that will complement the clubs in your golf bag.

There are many great-looking options available, so take the time to consider the look and style of the club before making your decision.

12. Budget:

Budget is an important matter to consider when investing in clubs. Remember that a quality fairway wood will last for a long time and many golf rounds.

There are some very well priced options available, so consider your options carefully. Always try to select the best quality fairway wood that will be durable too.

Best 18 Fairway Woods for High Handicappers:

Let us discuss the above mentioned excellent fairway woods in detail for you that will help you to buy your best fairway wood easily

1. TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood Review:

TaylorMade’s fairway wood is one of the best fairway woods for high handicappers that combines the latest technologies to provide a sturdy fairway wood for maximum forgiveness.

Lighter carbon materials have used in the crown and sole to save weight to create a lower center of gravity. A more advanced Speed Pocket boosts the ball speed across the face to increase distance and forgiveness.

This club is more stable for its split weight mass pads that increase MOI by distributing weight to the perimeter of the clubhead.

It is a splendid combination of forgiveness, great distance, and easy playability that makes it an ideal fairway wood for all types of golfers.


  • Lightweight carbon crown and sole frees up the weight that’s repositioned for a lower, more powerful center of gravity
  • More advanced Speed Pocket offers more ball speed across the face for added distance and forgiveness
  • Geocoustic Technology optimizes playability, sound, and feel in an easy-to-launch, larger footprint
  • Split weight mass pads boost MOI with perimeter weighting for more excellent stability
  • Ultra-strong steel face insertion is thinner and faster to optimize ball speed further
  • Fluted hosel improves sound and feels without shifting the center of gravity location
  • Includes headcover Lighter Materials
  • The sole is shaped to enhance sound and feel as well.


  • Very high launch with some draw bias and plenty of backspin
  • A very large clubhead means more space to make contact with the ball and a higher MOI for increased forgiveness on mishit
  • Lightweight stock shafts increase clubhead speed for golfers with slow swing speeds
  • It is more forgiving than the M1 and M2
  • A better feel and sound at impact
  • It is easier to align correctly with the ball
  • It increases distance in comparison to the M1, M2, and M3
  • Higher swing speeds would benefit more from the M3


  • Not adjustable.
  • The clubhead is very large for a fairway wood

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2. Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Fairway, Black Review:

TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Fairway Wood is a part of the new generation of RBZ performance. This latest version features a unique style and a superb performance.

It has started all with the revolutionary Speed Pocket to help to launch the ball at higher and to increase distance during the shots.

The shallower profile helps to lower the center of gravity for better performance from the Fairway wood. A skillfully placed mass pad optimizes launch, sound, and feel on every shot.

By putting it all together, you will get incredible performance with the TaylorMade RBZ Black fairway wood. The bold Black Satin finish enhances confidence and alignment at address. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Fairway Wood is another best fairway wood for high handicappers.


  • It was designed to equip golfers with a combination of stylish and powerful performance
  • The shallow profile helps to lower the Center of Gravity to increase playability and launch from Fairway wood
  • Skillfully positioned mass pad for optimal launch, superior acoustics, and ideal response
  • Legendary Speed Pocket unlocks higher launch and lowers spin for incredible distance
  • Bold Satin Black finish of the wood with elegant detailing to improve visualization and alignment
  • Lightweight RocketFuel shaft for increased speed
  • TaylorMade Textured Black/Gold Grip


  • Long and forgiving
  • It looks great at address
  • Excellent value


  • Not adjustable
  • Tinny sound

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3. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review:

The Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods is the best fairway wood for high handicappers and even all types of golfers. Its swing speed along with the speed of the ball, distance, and smooth launch that every golfer can get benefit from.

These Epic Flash Fairways provide revolutionary ball speed performance in a package that features all of their latest metal-wood innovations.

Flash Face Technology features unique planning of subtle ripples on the back of the face in a pattern developed by artificial intelligence (A.I.) through machine learning to create the best possible design to increase the speed of the ball in the center of the face.

The lines on the inner side of the face are imitated from unique titanium and heat-treated to develop a combination of flexibility, speed, and strength.

Callaway also utilized Jailbreak Technology, two internal bars that connect the crown and the sole to stiffen and stabilize the clubhead, to generate faster ball speed off the face.

A forged 455 Carpenter steel face has combined with signature Face Cup technology to provide faster ball speeds all over the clubface.

A fixed back weight combines with a new, lighter OptiFit Hosel to optimize the Center of Gravity placement and customization.


  • Includes Flash Face Technology, Jailbreak Technology, Forged Carpenter steel face cup, New OptiFit hosel, and headcover for the benefit of every golfer to get higher speed and distance.
  • Flash Face Technology Callaway engineers used artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a specifically-mapped series of ripples on the inside of the clubface to promote faster ball speed in the center of the face.
  • The Jailbreak Technology has included in the Epic Flash fairway woods. Two internal bars have connected the crown and the sole to stiffen and stabilize the clubhead to develop the ball speed all over the face.
  • The Forged Steel Face CupMade of solid 455 Carpenter steel, artificial construction combines with the Callaway’s Face Cup technology to deliver a faster speed of the ball all across the clubface.
  • New OptiFit HoselCallaway completely has redesigned the OptiFit hosel to be shorter and lighter to save the weight of the club that is used to reposition the center of gravity for a smooth launch and high ball flight.


  • The Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods are designed to help all the golfers to get more ball speed and distance by Flash Face Technology.
  • The Flash Face creates a new fairway wood face design that promotes increased ball speed for longer distance.
  • A Forged 455 Carpenter steel construction has combined with the Face Cup technology to deliver a fast speed of the ball across the face for range on center- and off-center hits.
  • Jailbreak Technology blends two internal bars that stiffen the body for placing more impact load on the front for fastball speed.
  • Sharp Looking Club.
  • Great Feel.
  • Added Distance.


  • Little bit pricy
  • Not adjustable

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4. 2018 Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway, Nardo (Gray) Review:

Another best fairway wood for high handicappers is from Cobra is the King F8 Fairway Wood. With its low profile, the F8 Fairway wood is a club that instills a lot of confidence for high handicappers looking to make the jump to clubs that are better made and considered high-level.

The Baffler Rail System of the fairway wood does an admirable job of providing substantial impact and stunning distance.

The rails allow the club to sweep the golf ball rather than take a steep attack for better ball flight and less chance of mishitting the shot. The system also helps in creating better forgiveness from the impact zone.

The F8 Fairway is no exception as golfers love its low profile that centers contact on the lower hemisphere of the golf ball for greater launch angle and more distance.

Moreover, the stainless steel insert on the face has also been specially crafted to reduce drag around the clubhead for maximum club speed that is directed straight to the golf ball.

With several options to allow you to dial in the flight settings that are ideal for your swing, the F8 Fairway will cover for whatever shot shape you need.

Simple to adjust, the loft sleeve on the Cobra fairway wood will allow you to increase or decrease one degree on the face for higher or lower shot shape.


  • Baffler Rail System utilizes shallower or steeper rails depending on loft and angle of attack for improved versatility and forgiveness from any lie
  • Ultra-light carbon fiber crown-a lighter 5-ply carbon fiber crown saves discretionary weight to move the Center of Gravity in lower and more in-depth, producing higher trajectories and increased forgiveness
  • 360 aero-innovative polymer Aero trips have positioned around the perimeter of the clubhead to improve the drag reduction face-on through the downswing to generate maximum clubhead speed
  • Forged E9 475 stainless steel faces INSERT-A forged, variable thickness E9 stainless steel face maximizes the flex to increase the speed of the ball and distance across all points of the face
  • My Fly8 with Smart rail-8 easily adjustable loft settings help you manage trajectory and fine-tune launch conditions to maximize distance


  • Baffler Rail System creates a shallow and sweeping swing for better contact
  • Adjustable loft sleeve help creates the flight path you want
  • Carbon fiber crown is lightweight and durable for long-lasting performance


  • A little bit heavy
  • No wrench for proper adjustment

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5. Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Fairway (Black/Yellow)_Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers Review:

One of the best fairway woods for high handicappers that is affordable, first-rated fairway woods in the market is the Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway wood.

The wood is an excellent combination of the most important innovations, such as the Speedback and the Baffler technologies drive that is Cobra’s the thinnest and the hottest CMC milled clubface for an excellent fairway wood that is long and forgiving.

Through an adjustable loft sleeve and interchangeable rear weight, the F9 Fairway becomes an incredible one in the fairway wood categories.

It has eight adjustable loft settings that give more control and options on the height of the shots. It included the Smart Pad Technology to help to keep the clubface square at impact.

A rear tungsten weight anchors the back of the club and helps to keep the center of gravity back to assist with a higher launch off the face.

Moreover, the weight is interchangeable if you want a more substantial feel throughout the swing.

The King F9 Fairway wood comes in three different options to customize your club set. Each club offers various features to help create the shot shape and height that you want from your fairway wood for more compression and a more significant launch angle.

The F9 Fairway also features an incredible sleek aerodynamic crown to get maximum clubhead speed. It is lightweight and durable.

The carbon fiber crown helps to create incredibly high launch after impact with reduced side spin for straighter and more accurate shots.


  • Speed back Baffler Technology-Re-engineered BAFFLER rails, and a low, back tungsten weight optimizes turf interaction and makes weaker the Center of Gravity for improved launch and faster clubhead speed from any lie
  • CNC Precision Milled Face-Golf’s first Fairway to feature a CNC milled face. An artificial, and precision milled 455 stainless steel face insert delivers our thinnest, hottest fairway face
  • 360 Aero Technology-Polymer crown trips and titanium sole trips are positioned relative to the direction of airflow around the clubhead to reduce the drag for faster clubhead speeds
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown-A lightweight carbon fiber crown that saves optional weight to move the Center of Gravity in lower and deeper for the higher launch and increased forgiveness
  • MYFLY8 with Smart Rail- 8 easily adjustable loft settings help to manage trajectory and fine-tune launch conditions to maximize distance


  • Three different options are available from 3-wood through 8-wood
  • Adjustable loft sleeve and rear weighting to give the golfers a total control
  • The lightweight body makes F9 one of the fastest fairway woods available


  • High handicappers might want a more straightforward fairway wood

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6. MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood for Men Women – Golf Club Includes Headcover – Legal for :

The MW8 Moon Wood is a type of low profile wood that has some slower-swing speed, and it is one of the best fairway woods for the high handicappers.

With very high lofts that are typically found in hybrids, the Moon Woods are designed to hit high up in the air easily. The Moon Woods offers a good bit of forgiveness for off-center hits.

It does help to cut through the rough and get under the ball on a tight fairway lie.

If you have any trouble with chunking or thinning chips and you wish to have a more reliable option, then you take the Moon Wood to a chipping green for the next time you’re practicing. 

You will be greatly surprised that the ball pops up into the air and rolls out nicely to the hole. This is a good option if you have a lot of green to work with.


  • Launch Green-Holding Shots from Long Range: The MW8 is a different kind of fairway wood built for clean contact, high launch, and long-distance.
  • Quick Launch & High Flight: To enjoy extreme high launch and greater ball speed off the face with the MW8’s shallow clubface and low center of gravity; The MW8 looks so “hittable” at address, which will give you a surge of confidence when you set it behind the ball
  • The Ultra-Low Center of Gravity has designed for a high trajectory with no extra effort from you;
  • The extra Wide Sole is curved for minimal resistance on turf contact, so you glide through cleanly no matter where the club strikes
  • More accessible to Control than Traditional Fairway Woods: The MW8 is shorter than the typical hybrid, wood and long iron making it much more comfortable and easier to control than most other fairway clubs in its category
  • Legal for Tournament Play: Legal and conforming; Conforms to the rules of golf
  • 1-year manufacture warranty against defects; High-quality construction backed by an unbeatable warranty


  • Easy to hit the ball up the air
  • Low profile wood
  • Perfect for the golfers who have trouble in hitting fairway woods


  • Not essential for a fast swing golfer
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7. Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Fairway Wood Review:

 The Callaway Rogue is loaded with modern technologies. “The Jailbreak” is the term for a pair of titanium bars inside the club that helps to connect the crown of the head to the sole and provides added stability at impact and higher ball speeds across a more significant portion of the face.

With the Rogue, this is for the first time Jailbreak has been used in a fairway wood. Combined with an ultra-thin steel face, and the Face Cup technology, Callaway claims this is the most effective speed-boosting combination they ever made.

The Rogue comes in two separate models: (1) the Standard and (2) the Sub Zero. Whereas the Sub Zero model has a slightly smaller head, and the weight has been shifted forward in the head that is compared to the Standard version.


  • New, ultra-thin and springy carpenter 455 steel faces
  • Jailbreak technology
  • The Cup Face design adds more consistent flexing across the face
  • The Lightweight Crown helps to free up some weight to be redistributed to where it counts
  • High launch, low spin
  • Available degrees of loft: 5, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25


  • Introduces several new technologies that improve distance and Speed
  • This wood features original and stylish air cutting design
  • Thin stainless steel face, very responsive and forgiving
  • Excellent sound and feedback
  • Excellent for off and on-center shots


  • This wood is somewhat expensive
  • It isn’t best fit for the beginners

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8. TaylorMade Golf M6 Rocket Fairway Wood Review:

The M6 of TaylorMade is one of the best fairway woods for the high handicappers that ever made for golfers of all levels. The big selling point of the M5 and M6 woods is the Twist Face technology.

The Twist Face is adjusted to deliver more correction on high-toe and low-heel hits instead of the standard lump and roll; these are the most common mishit for all golfers and, thus, need the most focus.

This club is an excellent combination of a silver front half and a carbon-fiber black back half with a simple sweet-spot indicator that creates a great visual in mind before the swing.

The TaylorMade M6 has a reasonable price value to match its performance level. However, if you like, you can even justify the price value of the product in the market. 


  • Twist Face: Twist Face is a revolutionary face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits, has designed to reduce the side spin and deliver straighter shots
  • Multi-Material Construction: New clubhead has designed with a grave face and larger carbon crown to provide optimal distance with excellent playability
  • Advanced Speed Pocket Design: Improved slot flexibility for a larger COR area and better off-center performance, especially on low-face strikes; New TPU slot insert is more flush with the surface for improved turf interaction
  • Forgiveness through Inertia: New Inertia Generator helps to hold a large amount of mass within a sleek, sole aerodynamic design to create more clubhead speed with the satisfying feel for maximum forgiveness.


  • Packed with the latest technology
  • A refined version of award-winning M5 and M4
  • Merely the best fairway wood
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Aerodynamic sole design


  • Highly expensive

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9. Mizuno GT 180 Fairway Wood_The Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers Review:

The Mizuno GT 180 is the best fairway wood for high handicappers is known for its legendary forged irons.

The designer team of Mizuno’s always does a phenomenal job recently, and they’ve made some significant steps to move forward in both creating irons for higher handicappers and in making great drivers and fairway woods.

The Mizuno GT180 fairway features a Maraging Steel Face for more top initial ball speed and overall distance as well an ultra-light waffle pattern in the inside of the crown for optimized launch.

The Wave Technology compresses and rebounds at impact for great COR area and higher ball speeds while Harmonic Impact Technology delivers ideal result feel and feedback.

Its Fast-Track Technology allows for a straightforward path to enhance launch conditions, and Quick Switch Adapter aids in launch optimization. It is the ultimate customized fairway wood.


  • A powerful 1770 maraging steel face allows for thin, hot face for higher initial ball speed and overall distance
  • Fast Track technology provides a precisely designed weight Track System that allows for a straightforward path to optimizing launch Condition
  • Quick switch adaptor for precise loft and lie angle tuning
  • Use of Jailbreak Technology in a fairway wood for the first time to increase the speed of the ball and distance
  • Thin, Carpenter 455 steel face and Face Cup technology increase ball speed on shots hit across the entire face
  • The Internal Standing Wave Technology positions Center of Gravity low and forward for a smooth launch and low spin
  • The latest Speed Step technology on the crown improves aerodynamics, letting the club swing faster


  • Very affordable
  • Most beautiful design
  • Great distance off the tee


  • Clunky sound is boring

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10. Callaway Men’s Steelhead X.R. Fairway Wood (Certified Refurbished) Review:

Callaway’s Steelhead X.R. Fairway Wood is one of the best fairway woods for high handicappers of all time. It is an updated version of the classic Big Bertha Steelhead of the ’90s that legacy with great distance, hit ability, and forgiveness.

The new Hawkeye sole plate update does a great job of picking the ball right up off the ground, and no matter how tight the lie is. It is even useful for hardpan and pine needles.

The latest X.R. comes with a new carbon crown that helps for a redistribution of weight of the club for an optimal center of gravity and a big sweet spot and even non-sweet-spot too and helps to achieve unexpected distance.

Callaway’s refurbishing program is one of the best business programs in the market. They start with barely-used clubs and make sure they look good-as-new and still offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Smooth Launch from Classic Steelhead Shape + Modern Hawkeye Sole
  • Fast Ball Speed from Next-Generation Face Cup Technology
  • Extreme Forgiveness from a J-36 Carbon Crown and Shorter Hosel
  • Fast Head Speed from Speed Step Technology
  • Premium Stock Shaft for Power and Control


  • Expertly crafted design.
  • Hot List golf medial winner.
  • 360 Face Cup next-generation design.
  • An excellent blend of speed and forgiveness for a better shot.
  • More distance and control on impact.
  • Different available options.


  • It may become too light over time.
  • Not for all golfers
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11. Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood Review:

The Cobra F-Max Fairway Wood is the best fairway wood for the high handicappers that have been designed to help the high handicapper who tends to slice the ball.

The center of gravity placement and hosel design both will help the golfer to keep square the clubface through impact and will help to impart right-to-left sidespin to enhance a high, right-to-left ball flight.

The lighter shaft and clubhead together help the high handicapper to create clubhead speed while encouraging them a full release of the clubhead through the swing.

The Cobra F-Max fairway wood also features an offset hosel design that creates higher launch with more draw bias for straighter, accurate shots and a false 455 stainless steel face inserted that will deliver more speed and distance on off-center hits.

The other factor that helps to fix a slice is the addition of back or heel weighting and moves the center of gravity closer to the heel of the club and spin on the ball, even no matter where on the face you make contact.

The feature of visually appealing crown alignment makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for getting straighter shots off the tee and down the Fairway wood while a fixed, back weight positioned near the heel promotes a higher launch and more forgiving, more consecutive ball flights. 


  • The Offset hosel design helps to create a higher launch with more draw bias for straighter and more accurate shots
  • The Forged 455 stainless steel face insertion helps to deliver more speed and distance on off-center hits
  • The feature of visually appealing crown alignment makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for making more straight shots off the tee and down the Fairway wood
  • A fixed, back weight near the heel helps to promote a higher launch and more forgiving, more consecutive ball flights
  • Lighter shafts and swing weights help maximum clubhead speed and distance for slower swing speeds
  • More extensive, midsize grips improve comfort and consistency with every swing


  • Offset provides draw bias to help to correct slices
  • Good distance
  • Back or heel of the Center of Gravity weight helps to get the ball airborne


  • Not for all types of golfers

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12. TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood Review:

The TaylorMade AeroBurner fairway woods are TaylorMade’s the fastest and the most aerodynamic fairway wood ever. They featured a new aerodynamic shape with a shallow face, raised center crown, and a new hosel fin.

The new Open Channel Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin. With a modern white matte finish, black PVD face and linear AeroBurner crown graphics, New Pocket Speed, and a Matrix Speed (RUL-Z 60) shafts are the first things that draw the attention of the golfers.

It is one of the best fairway woods in the market as it guarantees everything from long distances to maximum forgiveness. It feels light in weight and balance during the play.


  • The latest Aerodynamic Shape: The unique aerodynamic shape that includes a shallow face with a new hosel fin and raised the center crown is the highlight of this fairway wood and makes it different from others in the market.
  • The Speed Pocket: The speed pocket on this club is a fantastic addition to its design and is one of the things that make it the best fairway wood because it increases the size of the sweet spot and, at the same time, also helps to reduce the spin.
  • Shaft: TaylorMade gives the AeroBurner a new Matrix Speed (RUL-Z 60) shaft that is lighter than what you get from other woods, and it is available in all the standard flexes, including X-Stiff.
  • Looks: This club comes with a black PVD face with a white matte finish and with a linear AeroBurner graphic on the crown that will help golfers with alignment.
  • Face Material: The face material is another impressive feature of this club because TaylorMade makes it with a Ni-CO 300 superalloy


  • Long
  • Great lines and alignment aid
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not as forgiving as other models

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13. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods Review:

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset fairway woods are one of the best offset fairway woods. They’re high-loft, high-spin clubs have designed to get the ball in the air and to help the high handicappers stop slicing.

These fairway woods have a set of small arrows to help for an alignment. While setting up, the offset makes it look like the arrows are pointed way left of the target.

The PGX has focused on keeping the ball left, and it does a pretty good job regarding that. Ball flights are high but a little bit short.

However, most importantly, they tend to draw or hook. So the one trick they attempt, they pull off. The PGX is an inexpensive club geared at the recreational golfer who just wants to stop violently slicing the ball.


  • Anti- Slice Technology: This technology has existed for years but is becoming more and more popular for recreational, new, and longtime golfers. The PGX Offset fairway woods feature an increased offset in the clubface.
  • Improved Play: The leading edge of the face is offset. This will allow a little more time to square the look at the impact, allowing you to hit the ball straighter and more extended.
  • Graphite Shaft: Woods are equipped with a Pinemeadow Graphite shaft very well. The shaft has been paired with the stainless steel clubhead to give you the best combination you need in a fairway wood.
  • Headcover: All fairway woods come with a headcover to protect your club while it is being transported in your golf bag


  • An excellent driver without needing to spend too much.
  • It features an anti-slice technology to perfect a slice shot.
  • Designed for better ball impact, straighter ball trajectory, and more accurate swings.
  • A beautiful appearance and clean finish that helps in boosting golfer’s confidence.
  • Offset Technology takes this driver to the next level.
  • It is a lightweight driver that can swing effortlessly, and get a massive ‘sweet’ spot.
  • The design makes the club easy to hold, and it also has an excellent grip.


  • Some extra-large sweet spot can be illegal in some tournaments.

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14. Orlimar Golf Escape Fairway Wood Review:

The Orlimar Escape Fairway Woods are designed for slow-swinging high handicappers to help them dig the ball up off the ground and get them in the air.

They produce a ball flight more similar to a lofted iron and feature very little roll-out after landing.

They’re available from 3-wood through 15-wood, so if you like, you can mainly carry seven Orlimar kinds of wood to cover most of your distances.

The 60-gram graphite shaft is too light for most golfers. The light, flexible shaft allows for higher clubhead speed, which helps to get the ball up in the air.

If you have a slower swing and trouble in getting irons up into the air, the Orlimar Escape woods can be a great help for you.

Orlimar’s Escape also features a shallow face and a unique design that gets under the ball and sends it to fly high in the air.


  • Shallow Face
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Full range of lofts
  • Head material: Stainless steel
  • Shaft: Orlimar Escape Graphite of Superlite 60
  • Grip: Orlimar Custom Velvet


  • The extra loft provides extra lift
  • The shallow profile helps the club get under the ball
  • Available in super high lofts


  • Strictly for slow swingers

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15. White Orlimar Golf ATS 3 Fairway Wood, Left Hand, Graphite, Uniflex, 15-Degree Review:

The ATS Nano White Fairway Wood from Orlimar was designed for the intermediate everyday golfer as well as any player who wants a long-lasting, durable club that will look great on the course. This product is another best fairway woods for high handicappers.

This low profile stainless fairway wood features an aerodynamic head shape that has been specially designed to deliver perfect consistency and unparalleled distance.

With graphite Activate shaft, this wood is not only lightweight but also provides faster swinging speeds, while an Orlimar grip promotes a firm, yet soft feel.

The ATS fairway wood also includes a matching headcover. This set has been specially designed to deliver faster swing speeds and unparalleled distance.

An artificial driver, low profile three fairway wood, easy-to-hit 4 and 5 hybrids, low COG 6-9 irons, a launching wedge and a mallet putter along with high visibility alignment lines are all have been included in this set together.


  • Long-lasting, durable golf club
  • Low profile fairway wood
  • Graphite shaft
  • Matching headcover
  • Promotes fast swinging speeds


  • Fast swing speed
  • Long-lasting
  • Visibility alignment lines
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Easy To Hit
  • Good Grip
  • Smooth
  • Solid Feel


  • Only suitable for the beginners

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16. 14° GX-7 “X-Metal” – Driver Distance, Fairway Wood Accuracy – Men’s & Women’s Models Review:

The 14° GX-7 “X-Metal” is an excellent fairway wood for the beginners or high handicappers that helps the golfers to hit the ball with much accuracy.

We all know the hardest part of golf is consistency, especially when hitting off the tee box. Perhaps you are inconsistent off the tee is because you are using the same clubs as the experts, and not a club designed strictly for the beginners.

Well, this is the theory behind the GX7 Golf Club, a golf club made for beginners that provides for the hitting consistency like an expert.

Its shorter length, smaller clubhead, and iron-like leading edge will allow you to swing it more like an iron and still hit long off the tee. You will have fewer miss-hits and more accuracy in shots.


  • Built with a 14 Degree loft, which is more than standard drivers but less than a three wood, the GX7 Golf Club is designed to help you get the ball in the air while reducing the potential of a slice.
  • With a club volume of 267cc, the GX7 Golf Club is large enough to provide confidence when addressing the ball. 
  • With a shaft length of 43″, the same as a standard three wood, the GX7 is designed to allow the beginner golfers to square up the clubface at impact, which helps to improve accuracy, consistency, and distance.


  • Good for accuracy
  • Consistent
  • Durable


  • Off-target backswing balls into the rough, trees, water and worse

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17. Golf Club for Men & Women- Vixa V12 Fairway Wood Review:

If you’re not getting high, long, and straight shots when hitting off the tee, then you need to check out the brand new Vixa V12. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to get the ball up in the air from off the turf.This product is one of the best fairway woods for high handicappers

Designed by a “Hot List” club designer, the Vixa V12 is very accurate; it may just become your go-to club for the longest and the toughest shots with its amazing updated features.

Golf Club for Men & Women- Vixa V12 Fairway Wood – Versatile & Dependable Club for Long Accurate Shots with Heat-Treated INOX Steel Clubface & High-Performance Graphite Shaft is the another best fairway wood for high handicappers


  • High- Hit, Long & Straight from off the Turf: The Vixa V12 is a low-profile fairway metal club that is a rocket off the turf and long as your driver; you will be pleased by seeing how easy it is to get the ball up in the air from off the deck and by its amateur-friendly design; It is specifically designed to help the mid- to high-handicappers to conquer approach shots.
  • It Crushes off the Tee, Flush it onto the Green: The V12 also doubles off the tee; thanks to its low-profile design; with extra control and accuracy you can face down every tee shot, including ultra-tight fairways, with confidence
  • So easy to get airborne from off the deck: The V12’s smooth-gliding sole gets under the ball without digging, and its dynamic loft picks the ball up off the turf effortlessly; Watch the ball explode off the clubface and thanks to the V12’s heat-treated INOX steel face; It has never been easier to hit high-launching, long-carrying shots from the Fairway wood, or to carry hazards and hit the greens in regulation too
  • Legal for tournament play: Legal and conforming; Conforms to the rules of golf
  • 1-year manufacture warranty against defects; High-quality construction backed by an unbeatable warranty


  • Easy to hit high, long and straight
  • Legal for all tournament play
  • Easy get airborne
  • Dynamic loft
  • Smooth feel
  • Durable


  • Did not help to add distance

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18. TaylorMade Golf M5 Tour Driver (435cc)_Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers Review:

The TaylorMade M5 Tour Driver is the best fairway wood for high handicappers, has personalized its performance with incredible speed Injected performance in a more compact look preferred by the golfers.

Here every clubhead is individually tested and then goes through the Speed Injection process, where a tuning resin has been injected through two ports on the face to achieve performance at or near the legal limit of COR.

The Twist Face Technology has been repeated for the latest version; a revolutionary face arch was designed to reduce the sidespin, and to correct the face angle on off-center hits to deliver straighter shots off the tee has been utilized.

A new Inverse T-Track uses two 10-gram weights that can efficiently be moved from front to back and along the perimeter of the clubhead.

The more flexible Hammerhead 2.0 slot works with the Speed Injected Twist Face to produce a larger sweet spot and protect the speed of the ball on off-center contact.

TaylorMade’s M5 Tour driver is ideal for golfers who want that signature blend of speed, distance, and workability in a more compact player look.  


  • Speed Injected club head
  • Twist Face Technology
  • Inverse T-Track adjustable weights
  • Hammerhead 2.0 slot
  • Includes headcover Speed Injected


  • Good Sound
  • Comfortable Feel
  • Great Distance
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • Dent appears easily
  • Wears out quickly

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Frequently Asked Questions (F. A. Q)

Question: How many types of fairway woods are there?

Answer: Most players only use three and five wood. However, seven kinds of wood are also making a comeback, with several high-profile tour players (including Tiger Woods himself) gaming them on occasion.

Question: Is there any particular brand that I should select?

Answer: The right club will be according to personal preference; the club that feels the best and inspires confidence is usually will be the right one for you. Though there are many renowned brands are offering excellent fairway woods for the beginners and the high handicappers.

Question: How many fairway woods should I carry in my bag?

Answer: It is entirely optional. Remember that you will only have clubs in your bag that you feel comfortable and confident about hitting.

Final Verdict

Before selecting the best fairway wood for high handicappers, you should know very well about the fairway woods and should know what to justify in them. All these versatile fairway woods that have discussed above are very helpful for the beginners and the high handicappers.  These are easy to launch and extremely forgiving. They have a reasonable distance even and will help to strike the ball correctly.

Finally, all the information above will help you to make the right selection of the best fairway wood for you. So choose your fairway wood according to your needs and skill level that will work best for you.

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